Mumbai City FC beat FC Pune City 1-0

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In an otherwise dull contest, Mumbai City FC beat Pune 1-0 in their Indian Super League 2016 opener in Pune on Monday. Mumbai, traditionally poor tourists, got their campaign off to winning start away from home. Both sides remained 0-0 at half-time and Matías Defederico broke the deadlock when he found the back of the net for Mumbai in the 69th minute. Pune had a couple of counter-attacks but failed to convert any. Still early days in the tournament but Mumbai will take the away win with arms wide open. Here’s how the action unfolded during the ‘Maha Derby’ of the Indian Super League.

That’s the final whistle! Mumbai beat Pune 1-0

Pune had their chances, promised with counter-attacks but lacked the finishing touch. It wasn’t a gripping contest and the only moment in the game when Defederico scored the first, and only, goal of the match. With the win, Mumbai open their ISL 2016 account


Pune 0 – 1 Mumbai

Vadocz’s volley flies straight at Bete, but the keeper does well to save

CHANCE FOR JACKICHAND!! The Pune defence goes to sleep, and Jacki slips into the box like a thief in the shadows, but he couldn’t find the finish

Bete launches it forward, but Vadocz does really well to come out with the ball

4 minutes added on

SUBSTITUTION – Costa OFF, Jackichand ON

The freekick amounts to nothing after Bheke volleys it well wide.

Back to that Ralte handball… the ball hit the defenders arm as he was falling down. It could have been gone either way, and luckily for the away team, it was adjudged in Ralte’s favour

YELLOW for Goian

OH PUNE!! Narayan Das swings it in and it causes all sorts of confusion in the Mumbai box. The ball hits Ralte on the arm, and just takes it away from the onrushing Ndoye

Mumbai are looking supremely confident on the ball, but they can’t work themselves into the box, and Pune have the ball back… Ndoye runs down the left, and puts in a threatening cross but Netto does well to come out and claim it.

SUBSTITUTION – Forlan OFF, Gerson ON. The Uruguayan great was invisible for large patches of the match, but he did show a couple of touches of pure class

Pune are camped on the edge of the Mumbai box, but Lucca’s ball to the right is poor, and the ball runs out of play

Cafu is a bundle of energy! He Tasmanian Devils his way onto the ball and feeds Vodacz, but the Hungarian shot is pretty poor

80′ CHANCE FOR PUNE!!!  OH Tato! He gets free on the right, and he cuts inside and shoots straight at Netto! Pitu was free, and unmarked on the other end of the box! If only Tato had looked up there – though you can’t fault the striker for doing the typical-striker-thing and going for goal

Forlan plays another cute give-and-go with Vadocz but Mumbai break it up!

Pune can’t string too much together here. They need to get their act together, and they need to do it right now.

SUBSTITUTION – Arias OFF, Pitu ON. Pitu, too, is a La Masia graduate

75′ I’ve seen fluid attacks, but this is a fluid defence here for Mumbai! – Anwar Ali has now moved to centre back and Khongjee is on the right. It was Khongjee’s pass that Forlan laid off to Defederico

74′ It’s not Cafu, calm yourselves Mumbai fans… but the Brazilian looks a lively bugger. He runs at a backtracking Gouramangi and lets fly with a low shot. It’s just wide!

SUBSTITUTION – Defederico OFF, Cafu ON

72′ CHANCE FOR TATO!! Lucca breaks from midfield and embarks on a direct run and feeds in Tato. The Spaniard can only hit it straight at Netto in the Mumbai goal, though  

Pune have no option now, but to flood forward. But they are trying to Barca their way out of trouble… they are not getting any joy with that here

Oh by God, this game needed that goal. Forlan lays the ball off brilliantly and Defederico finds himself in just enough space. He unleashes a screamer with his left foot that Bete is getting nowhere near 


Defederico is drifting all over the park here trying to spark something, but space is truly at a premium here.

OH Pune!! Lenny makes some space at the edge of the box, but his shot is blocked by Goian who threw himself at that ball John Terry-style

Ndoye with a nice bit of foot work, and his pace takes him away from Ali. Raite heads his cross over but the corner comes to nothing!

Izumi didn’t do much the whole game, but his no look pass in the first half was arguably the Moment of the match 

SUBSTITUTION – Arata Izumi OFF, Francis Fernandes ON

ooo Bruno Arias is a lucky boy here. He stops a nifty exchange between Vadocz and Sehnaj by intentionally handling the ball. He got away with that, did the Pune captain

Costa’s elbows hits Narayan Das flush on the throat, but it’s unintentional, and its just a foul. It’s good to see Das pick himself up too, that could have been nasty

Gouramangi has been solid at the back, and he folds firm again as he heads a Defederico cross away to safety

Another Pune attack breaks down with Ndoye being caught offside. That is offside #3 for the home team

Forlan is being hounded here – either Lenny or Lucca are constantly on his case, and he is getting very little joy in the middle.

Bheke overhits a cross into the far post. It sails comfortably over

Pune are doing things exactly the same way there were in the first half – but Mumbai’s high press means that that they are giving the ball away far too often

Mumbai are certainly up for this. Vadocz goes in hard with Lenny on a 50-50 ball and emerges with the ball. Pune are getting increasingly flustered and it’s showing. Lucca gets a YELLOW for a rushed tackle

Mumbai are pressing higher up the pitch, and its paying dividends already. Pune look hassled and the men in white are getting a lot more of the ball

Mumbai are trying to play it a little slower this half, and Forlan pings a delightful ball to Costa on the Mumbai right. Sehnaj ends that spell of Mumbaikar possession with a wild thrash from waaaay outside

45′ I thought Gustavo Oberman had a decent first half, but maybe Habas thinks that Ndoye’s pace will create issues…. and it almost does here! Ndoye runs at the Mumbai defence, but a loose touch sees it run out of play


Peep! We’re off!!

Here’s that piece of magic from Defederico down the touchline. Superb close control!

Peep! Peep! HALFTIME!

No added time, strangely. Maybe the ref was tired, eh?

A tight first 45 ends 0-0. Pune had the better of the chances, but Vadocz will be kicking himself for not getting his shot away on time!

45′ Forlan takes the corner, but there is some pushing and shoving in the box and the ref blows a flow. In the same breath he also blows for halftime!

44′ OH MUMBAI!!!! Forlan plays a brilliant little ball across the face of the goal. Vadocz runs on to it, but he tries to take a touch to set himself up. That’s a luxury he can’t really afford, and Gouramangi Singh dives in brilliantly to block the Hungarian’s effort. 

43′ Forlan has a poor couple of touches – first a loose first touch lets Pune have the ball back, then a hand-ball ends another Mumbai attack.

42′ Ralte with a teasing cross, and Mumbai can clear only as far as Defederico. The Argentine embarks on another mazy run across the width of the pitch, but is ushered away from the danger zone by Lenny and Arias

40′ …. and oh!! Tato almost runs around Khongjee but ends up shouldering him in the back. Mumbai have the ball again, but are turned back by a wall of Orange and Violet

39′ Mumbai win a freekick and attempt to slow things down. Anwar Ali takes his time to take the freekick, but the delivery is rubbish. Pune have the ball….

That really was some pass from Izumi

38′ OH WOW!! CHANCE FOR OBERMAN!!! An incredible no-look pass from Izumi release Oberman down the middle. The former River plate striker runs in one-on-one with the keeper, but he can NOTfind the finish! Netto did well to save, it has to be said.

37′ Arias freekick isn’t very good. It’s cleared easily by the Mumbai defence!

36′ YELLOW for Sehnaj Singh. The Mumbai player whacked Tato on the face to earn himself that!

35′ WHAT A RUN… Defederico wriggles his way away from Bheke, and then skips past Arias but is finally crowded out inside the box.

34′ YELLOW for Bheke. He runs straight through the back of Defedirico. It was an attempt on the part of the Indian rightback to stop Mumbai countering… and well, that worked

32′ Lenny Rodrigues makes a strong interception, and Pune set about trying to establish a passing rhythm. It wins them a corner in the end. Arias stands over it…

31′ Mumbai have very clearly set themselves up NOT to concede a goal, they are crowding the midfield in a way which would make their citizens proud – Mumbai Locals have nothing on this midfield!

30′ Goian with the header, but the Romanian can’t keep it down. Goal kick, again, for Pune

29′ Arias with a horrendous backpass that goes straight out of play! Corner for Mumbai

28′ Mumbai showing more attacking intent now, but it’s just a succession of goal kicks for Pune

26′ Ralte looks the most promising Mumbai attacker, and he shows a deft touch to work some space in the middle. He tries a one-two with Forlan, but the Uruguayan is being tightly marked and can’t get himself free

25′ OH CHANCE FOR MUMBAI!!!! Ralte with a teasing cross from the left, and Vadocz launches himself at it. Can’t reach it though

24′ Pune attempt to establish their passing rhythm again, and they are tiki-taka ing their way around the park, till M’rangthem gets fed up and hoicks it forward. Izumi, at the end of that ball, messes it up by fouling Khongjee

23′ Mumbai win a freekick, and its swing in dangerously by Defedirico, but Pune clear with a minimum of fuss

21′ That has woken up Halder, and the veteran Bengali lets fly with a powerful shot. But it’s straight at Bete in the Pune goal

20′ OUCH! Halder runs straight into Bruno Arias – the Brazilian cannily stood his ground there – and ends up on the ground holding his chest. That ends another promising spell of Pune possession – they really are pinging the ball around well

19′ Pune with some more sustained pressure in the Mumbai half, but the men in white are crowding midfield and Pune can’t find their way through.

17′ Lucca with a sliding tackle on Leo Costa, and the Mumbai man goes down in a heap. Costa should have seen that coming. Lucca started that slide from Lonavla

15′ A brilliant ball from Izumi releases Oberman on the right wing, but his run is cut short abruptly when Anwar Ali nips in. The resulting corner comes to nothing, but Pune are finding their feet here and are playing some swift-passing,  football

14′ Arias lines up a freekick from JUUUUST outside the penalty box. The kick in itself is rubbish, but Lucca’s follow up shot is much better and Netto saves

13′ YELLOW for Costa as he jumps with his arms covering his face. Lucca’s kick hits the arm and the ref blows for a foul

12′ FOUL by Goian on Tata. Pune have a freekick from dangerous looking position

11′ Khongjee lumps it aimlessly forward, and Pune have the ball back, but they are equally careless with the ball and Mumbai have the ball back. They try to string a few passes together but Lenny Rodrigues steps in and breaks the play up well

9′ Pune with a CHANCE! Izumi can only get a feeble header to a nice little ball from Tato. Narayan Das had prompted the attack with a brilliant ball into the box to find the La Masia graduate

7′ Deferdico’s corner comes to nothing.. but Mumbai are on the ascendancy here. Forlan is dropping deep in search of the ball

6′ Goian clears another Pune long ball with a mighty header, and Mumbai break forward. Ralte puts in a brilliant ball to Deferdico whose run into the box is cut out

5′ Pune win a corner, but nothing comes off it. A foul by Lenny Rodrigues hands the ball back to Mumbai

4′ Pranoy Halder does what Pranoy Halder does. A crunching tackle on Oberman, lets the Pune man know that Halder is in no mood to be bossed

4′ Narayan Das does well to cut off a Mumbai attack, but his ball is cut off and a promising Pune counter is nipped in the bud

3′ Antonio Habas is watching the game from the stands – it does affect a team when their coach isn’t on the sidelines coaxing them doesn’t it? He won’t be too pleased with what he’s seeing on the pitch – it’s all a bit too scrappy

2′ OFFSIDE!! Nice little ball from Oberman to his strike partner Tato, but the Spaniard doesn’t time his run well, and is caught offside

1′ Pune foray forward. A crunching tackle wins them the ball, but Rahul Bheke’s ball in from the right bounces out harmlessly

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