Mumbai beat Delhi 2-0 |Mumbai City FC vs Delhi Dynamos ISL 17th Match Result

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Sunil Chettri and Sony Norde ran the show and the latter in particular, ran the opposition ragged. Delhi’s run comes to an end and Mumbai now leap to the second last spot in the ISL table.

90+5′ Delhi back on the ball and Souvik has a shot from distance from his left foot and that was not far away from the crossbar either. Just a couple of inches but that will be the last bit of action from the game.

90+4′ Robin Singh hits the crossbar!!! That was a make or break moment for Delhi. Malouda got the ball on the byline after the corner was played short. The ball was floated in and it was a deadly one. Robin Singh meets it perfectly and the ball sails over after thundering off the crossbar.

90+3′ That could have been another yellow card as Fanai is nastily fouled by Vicinius, who is chasing him. Mumbai now lose the ball and Delhi can launch an attack through Riise’s throw.

90+2′ The ball is switched to the left flank and Mumbai win possession. They are done and now happy to play keep ball. The ball rolls over to Doblas as Piquionne can’t get the ball.+

90′ Frustration creeping into the Delhi ranks and Mulder is this time the offender. Pheww……..another yellow card. There will be five minutes of added time.

88′ Mumbai play the corner short and Delhi eventually clear their lines and Delhi have the ball. After a good spell on the ball, the away side have nowhere to go and Vicinius takes another shot and it is way over the bar.

86′ Magnificent save from Doblas!!! One of the saves of the tournament and that was almost Gordon Banks from Pele-like. The cross comes in from Pratesh and Ashutosh towered above the Delhi defense to head the ball to the top corner before Doblas stood like a rick to tip the ball over.

85′ The ball is cleared and Robin Singh is on the counter but it has largely been a forgettable day for the Indian striker, who can’t control the ball on the right flank.

Subash Singh comes off, Ashutosh comes on

83‘ Vicnius gets possession on the left flank and he takes a shot from distance and the ball is straight to Subrata, who makes another easy save.

81′ Piquionne and Gadze get into a bit of a scuffle and shirt pulling. The referee gets into the middle to calm things down and it could have easily been another couple of yellow cards there. Subash is receiving treatment on the sidelines and Mumbai are temporarily down to 10 men.

79′ Delhi resorting to crosses to do the trick  but Mumbai have ariel presence at the back. Aitor clears the ball and Subash from the right wing makes a powerful run.

77‘ Piquionne is called into action straight away and the ball is floated in by Aguilera and it is inch perfect. The French striker times his run to perfection but Doblas made another fantastic save! The flag was up though, incorrectly.

That was Norde’s last bit of action from the game and Piquionne comes on. Pratesh becomes the eighth Mumbai player to go into the referee’s book. Astounding.

73′ GOAL!!! Mumbai 2-0 Delhi (Sunil Chettri)Fantastic play from Norde to set this up. It all started with Malouda who won a corner. Norde at the far post found himself in acres of space and left his marker for dead with his pace, got to the byline and squared the ball to Chettri, who ghosted into the area to double Mumbai’s lead.

73′ Fantastic stop from Subrata!! Good one touch passing from Gadze outside the area opens up space for Francis. The midfielder places the ball to the right corner and it is a finger tip save from the Indian No 1

72′ End to end action here and there is cross from Delhi and Subrata comes off his line and pounces on the ball in a crowded area to stop the ball.

70′ Mumbai start another attack, this time patiently with short passes. Fanai plays an exquisite ball over the top of the defense and Norde is one on one with the keeper!!! Shot comes in and Doblas makes a superb save to keep his team in the contest.

Gabriel out, Pratesh in for Mumbai

68‘ Mumbai now have their seventh player in the book. Delhi were stinging a set of good passes on the right and the final ball comes to Souvik for a cross and his through ball is wayward. End of the attack.

67′ What an effort by Subash Singh!!! Sunil Chettri wins a throw and the ball is passed to Norde. He passes it to Subash who lets one fly from 40 yards out and the ball thunders off the crossbar!!! Delhi on the counter and the Indian forward goes from hero to villain as he trips Mulder. Yellow card for Subash Singh

64′ Delhi win the ball and yet again, it is Malouda in the centre who is pulling the strings. The Frenchman takes a few steps forward, cuts in on his left and takes a shot and the ball bounces off the wall but Gadze is called offside and Mumbai can breathe easy.

63′ Souvik gives away another foul as he shoulder barges Gabriel. Another foul and there is an attacking starting with Chettri and the ball is smuggled off him.

61′ Malouda’s free kick from 30 yards out falls calmly into the hands of Subrata Paul. Now, Gadze wins the ball on the counter and makes a run. Cmovs checks and wins the ball.

59‘ Malouda takes the ball in midfield and powers his way through the middle again and O’Dea trips him and catches him with his trailing foot. Yellow card for O’Dea and it is the fifth yellow card for Mumbai.

Second Substitution for Delhi: Gadze comes on for Dos Santos

58′ Fanai shows great composure to take the ball out from the back and the ball is passed forward swiftly. Norde is on the ball and makes a darting run but is called offside.

56′ Souvik trips Gabriel, who was on the turn and gets a yellow card. It is the sixth yellow card of the evening.

55′ Mumbai have four players on a yellow and Anelka will be making changes soon. Subhash Singham is on the ball and the he heads into the area and the shot comes in- saved by Doblas again and there is no angle on the shot.

53‘ Mumbai back on the ball and Airtor has a shot. It is straight to Dagnell and it is straight to the goalkeeper. Mumbai get back the ball through Gabriel and he wins a corner. The ball is cleared and Delhi start a counter through Malouda. Cmovs trips him behind and it is a yellow card

50′ The second half is underway and Singham makes a powerful run on the left flank and now Delhi have the ball. Dos Santos makes a powerful run but Mumbai are back in position early.

Half Time

45+2 Two minutes of added time and it is tight in the Mumbai area again. The ball is somehow cleared out and the last action of the game is Chettri trying to run with the ball but he is atleast three yards offiside. Peeeeep!!

45′ Delhi are now having the momentum in their favour and they are threatening here. Riise gets a long throw into the box and the players play a bit of volleyball with their heads in the box. Riise receives the ball and sends in another cross. Finally, Chicao gets a shot in from the edge of the area and it is narrowly wide of the target again.

43′ John Arne Riise is on the left flank and he meets the long ball launched by Doblas at the other end. The Norwegian takes a couple of steps and shoots from an impossible angle and Subrata has to push the ball wide.

41′ Ball switches to the other end and there is Hans Mulder on the ball and he shoots from outside the box and Subrata shows safe hands again. Free kick for Mumbai and Aguilera on the ball and Delhi clear their lines.

39′ Now Aguilera comes close with a shot from outside the box after sustained Mumbai pressure. The shot goes inches wide. Fouls coming thick and fast here.

37‘ The free kick didn’t materialize and Subash Singh shows brilliant close control, strength and athleticism on the right flank and terrorizes Dos Santos. Mumbai win a throw.

35‘ Mumbai have a free kick, it is cleared and now they are in danger and Dos Santos is on the left flank. One on one with Aguilera, the Brazilian leaves him for dead and he givers a foul. Yellow Card for Aguilera

33‘ Pushing and shoving going on near the technical area. Aitor and Riise and Bustos get into a heated argument and the referee has a long talk with the Former Liverpool left back, who had no business to start a fight.

32′ Couple of inches wide from Norde. Once again, the Delhi backline are in sixes and sevens trying to control the Mumbai striker. He makes his way into the territory and has a shot and he couldn’t get his placement right by a whisker.

30‘ Mumbai having the ball again and Cmovs, what has he done? Losing the ball, Malouda runs through, he is clear on goal and the shot comes with the defense recovering. SAfe hands from Subrata!

28‘ Delhi are on the ball. Malouda has taken a deeper position in midfield and is trying to spread play. Pass goes astray and Norde has gotten behind the Delhi backline on the counter. The cross comes in and it is aimed for Subash Singh. EXCELLENT volley but the ball goes slightly wide of the post.

26‘ Delhi patient on the ball but have to be watchful on the break. Mumbai are in some mood today. Malouda plays a nice chip into the area and Francis tries to make his way to the ball but it is well watched by Subrata.

24′ Delhi threatening somewhat and Riise takes a throw and the ball delivered is a good one. Mumbai’s defense holding firm and clear the ball. Delhi take over and start again.

21‘ Delhi are under a lot of pressure as there are two back to back corners taken in no time. Delhi has to get almost their entire team inside the territory and the ball is finally cleared.

19′ Fantastic attempt from Sony Norde with the dead ball and Doblas has to take evasive action to punch the ball out. Corner is taken by Aguilera and Chettri takes the ball and tries to square it for the players in the middle and it is another corner.

17′ Delhi are on the ball and are trying to slow the tempo of the game, switching the ball from side to side. Mumbai win the ball in midfield and Delhi get it back. Aguilera gets it back once more and  Dos Santos trips Fabai on the left flank. Mumbai have a free kick from the left.

15′ Delhi hit back almost immediately. They try to bulldoze their way through and Robin Singh shoots from outside the box. Subrata dives to his left to save it. counter, Norde on the ball and he gets to the byline in a flash and shoots across the goal. Goalkick.

12′ GOAL!!! Mumbai 1-0 Delhi (Sunil Chettri) The Indian skipper gets his first goal in the ISL. Mumbai were clinical on the counter ans Sony Norde took the Delhi defense with him on the left flank. Chettri was making a run through the centre and Norde tried to square the ball and it took a wicked deflection off Souvik and landed kindly to the poacher, who slotted the ball into the net.

11′ Poor play from Delhi as goalkeeper Toni Doblas kicks the ball on the left flank and the ball is miscontrolled by Riise on the left flank. Mumbai are ponderous but are doing well in keeping ball at the moment.

9′ There is a bit of a tussle between Christian Bustos and Dos Santos. Delhi win the ball and Malouda makes a powerful run to the byline but the cross can’t make its way through. Bustos is handed a yellow card for dissent

7′ Delhi are on the ball and they make their way into the area and the ball is won on the left flank. Hans Mulder presses hard to maintain possession but the referee blows the whistle against him.

5′ Now Delhi win possession back and a patient buildup finds Malouda in the centre and he takes a shot and the ball is straight to the keeper, easily saved by Subrata Paul.

3′ Mumbai have kicked things off and they are making inroads into the Delhi area. Fanai on the ball but Delhi get the ball back and can start an attack. Mumbai are calm and get the ball back.

Delhi Dynamos: Anderson, Riise, Mulder, Robin, Francisco, Doblas, Malouda, Dos Santos, Souvik, Sehnaj, Anas

Substitutes: Serginho, Anwar, Vinicius, Nabi, Lalthlamuana, Naoba, Shylo, Debnath, Gadze

Mumbai City: Subrata, Chhetri, Cristian, Subash, Juan, Norde, Aitor, Gabriel, Fanai, Cmovs, O’Dea

Substitutions: Ashutosh, Debnath, Rowilson, Bertin, Piquionne, Keegan, Pratesh, Saran, Debjit, Kuttymani, Albino

Hello and welcome to the live updates of the Indian Super League match between Mumbai City FC and Delhi Dynamos played at the DY Patil Stadium. Mumbai are yet to register a win on the board while Delhi Dynamos are showing that they are a side that can go about their business with brutal efficiency. After losing their first game, Roberto Carlos’s side have been solid, compact and are doing what it takes to get a win. The likes of Gustavo Dos Santos, Hans Mulder and Florent Malouda can cut a side open on the counter. Catch the Streaming of the match here

Sony Norde has been a delight to watch in the opening stages of the competition. The Haitian striker’s effectiveness has been magnificent and will be the man that Mumbai will be banking on to get over the line. It should be good match in store. Hopefully, DY Patil will have a bigger turnout than their previous game to support the home side.



Subrata Paul, Debjit Majumder, Albino Gomes, Frantz Bertin, Ashotosh Mehta, Darren O’Dea, Pavel Cmovs, Kingshuk Debnath, Aitor, Keegan Pereria, Rowilson Rodriguez, Juan Aguilera, Cristian Bustos, Pratesh Shirodkar, Brandon Fernandes, Gabriel Fernandes, Artur Moritz, Lalrindika Ralte, Lalchuuan Mawia, Sampath Kumar, Selim Benachour, Frédéric Piquionne, Nicolas Anelka (Coach), Sunil Chettri, Sony Norde, Subhash Singh

Delhi Dynamos:

Subhasish Roy Chowdury, Toni Doblas, Ravi Kumar, Roberto Carlos (Coach), John Arne Riise, Cichao, Anwar Ali,  Anas, Prabir Das, Naoba Singh, Robert Lathlamanua, Serginho Greene, Hans Mulder, Francis Fernandes, G Vignesh, Zodingliana Ralte, Souvik Chakraborty, Snehaj Singh, Gustavo, Florent Malouda, Vincius Ferreria, Robin Singh, Adil Nabi, Seminlen Doungel, Richard Gadze

Ref:- IndianSuperLeague

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Mumbai beat Delhi 2-0 |Mumbai City FC vs Delhi Dynamos ISL 17th Match Result

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