Kolkata 0-1 NorthEast – LIVE | Kolkata Vs NorthEast United FC ISL 32th Match Live

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ISL Today Match Live – Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd Match

90+5 The final act of the game sees Kamara through on goal. Although he is not in as promising a situation as Dadzie, he is away on goal and and takes a shot with his left foot. The ball goes across the face of goal and misses the left post by a half a foot. Peeeeeeeeep. There goes the final whistle and there is relief all around the NorthEast faces.

90+4′ Dadzie wastes a glorious chance!!!! Kamara slips a through ball in and the ball intercepts the Kolkata defense and he was in a 2 vs 1 situation and the ball tamely struck straight to Amrinder.

90+3′ More fouls given away from NorthEast, Dadzie with the offence. Sanju runs with the ball on the break and he is given offside.

90+1 Five minutes of stoppage time and Sanju gets hold of the ball. He slows the pace of the ball and tries to run the clock down. Kolkata take it back but this time their attack runs out of play.

89′ Dadzie gives away a cynical foul as he puts his arm around Gavilan. The Kolkata midfielder takes the free kick and the ball is straight to Rehenesh, who is up for the dead ball.

87‘ NorthEast are surviving, just about and make a sub: Sanju comes on for Silas.  At the other end, Kamara is away and NorthEast are away and are racing on goal and Tiri makes a valuable interception.

85‘ Kolkata play tippy-tappy football outside the area. Cross comes in and yet again, Rehenesh flirts with danger by coming way out of his line. There area cries for handball inside the box but the foul is not given.

83′ Kolkata have an attempt and it is Hume, who breaks into the area and falls down. No penalty given. The crosses continue to be dangerous in the box and Silas goes into the book. Cynical tackle on Hume’s ankle and the Kolkata striker is down and clutching his right foot in pain.

81′ Valdo’s shot comes in and it is saved!!! The ball reaches the midfielder, who is at the edge of the box. He takes a touch, cuts in and sends in shot and Rehenesh yet again is agile and is down on time to save the shot.

80‘ Simao chips the ball and NorthEast are away with the counter. The ball reaches Kamara on the right flank who tries to stealthily make their way into the box. Cleared.

78′ Kolkata have the ball but have nowhere to go to as NorthEast have men behind the ball and the ball is cleared as Valdo tries to send a pass into the area. Kolkata still have the ball.

76′ Kolkata are on the ball and Amrinder, the goalkeeper clears it from the halfway line and NorthEast decide to make a change. Kamara comes on for bruno, who has a yellow card to his name.

74′ Bikey fouls Valdo and a short free-kick is taken from Kolkata. Doutie skips forward with purpose on the right flank and Bruno trips him. Foul and Yellow card given to the NorthEast midfielder

72′ Bruno, Silas and Simao get a good spell of passing in the middle of the park and the pass is made to Dadzie on the right. Kolkata double up on him and win a throw.

70′ NorthEast getting a sniff at the Kolkata end. They sloiw down the attack and Kolkata clear the ball. Raju has the ball on the left. Denzil takes it and pushes it forward, Kolkata win it back again.

Dadzie comes in for Velez for NorthEast United

68′ NorthEast can’t catch a break here. They have more defending to do as NorthEast mover forward in droves. A corner is taken. It is short and Gavilan at the edge of the area takes a shot and the deflected attempt goes straight to Rehenesh, who pouches it cleanly.

65′ It has been a thanks-to-the-wall job from NorthEast so far and Dougtie pops up on the left and Bikey clears it.

Bikey makes a priceless clearance!!! The ball was destined to fall to Hume after a through ball was sent in from the right. NorthEast momentaril;y went to sleep and Bikey slides in and tucks the ball behind, inches away from Hume.

63′ Kolkata with an attempt from way out and the ball goes straight to Rehenesh, who has been busy throughout the second half. Dougtie on the left latches on to the ball after a close offside call was made against Velez. Hand-ball shout from Kolkata as Valdo’s header bounced into Bikey.

61′ Another shot from Velez goes wide!!! Long ball thumped forward and the forward does well to take the ball, get past the Kolkata backline and rifle a shot to the far post. The ball goes a few inches wide.

60‘ NorthEast have resulted in playing on the counter and Kolkata are hogging the ball and the foul is given away by Bikey and Kolkata have a free kick from 30 yards out. Free kick- Borja takes it and the ball is aimed to the right corner but it is well over the bar!

58′ Kolkata on the ball and Dougtie gets the ball on the left cuts in past a heap of players and plays a through ball into the six-yard area. Yummam Raju makes a timely interception and the ball is kicked away.

56′ Valdo cuts in and takes a shot and the ball is wide on the right. NorthEast on the other side are away with a counter and Bruno makes a 360 degree turn and backheels the ball to Velez on the left. The shot is just inches wide!!! Decent try this time from the NorthEast forward and the ball misses the right post by 2-3 inches.

54′ Velez nearly gets another one there! Reagan chips a nice ball into the area and Velez timed his run to perfection but his finishing left a lot to be desired. Amrinder pounced on the ball as his first touch was poor.

52′ Bruno spots Amrinder off his line and chips the ball goalwards and the ball is just over. Excellent attempt from 60 yards out!

51′ Kolkata has the ball and the ball is floated in and this time, Rehenesh this time comes off his lines and heads the ball from the edge of the area. NorthEast living dangerously.

49′ Miscommunication in the box from NorthEast and Bikey gave a needless corner. The cross is sent in from the right corner from Dougtie and Rehenesh aimlessly comes off his line and nearly pays the price for it.

47′ It is Kolkata who makes their presence stories early in the second half. Doutie get to the left flank and attempts a cross, deflected and falls kindly to Rehenesh. Hume is tripped and a free kick is given

Kolkata bring on Seityasen for the second half and Arnab comes in for Jewel

45+3′ REhenesh makes a timely save  and the ball is tipped away behind for a corner, seconds after NorthEast clear the ball. It was a deflected shot off Gavilan. Nato takes a header, it is over the bar and the whistle is blown.

45+2′ Rafique runs into the box and he beats the offside trap but for reasons unknown, he dives in and the attacks fall dead. Atletico win a free kick as time runs out in this half.

45+1 What a chance for NorthEast!!!! Bruno was away and it was a 2 vs 2 situation and Velez was running through the centre, What a saving tackle from Kolkata.

45′ Jewel Raja gets a foul and the ball goes to NorthEast. Yummam Raju’s throw in goes out of bounds and Kolkata have the ball. Kolkata spend too much time on the ball and a counter is on.

43′ Rafique yet again is in the box and is taking positions. The cross is sent in and Rafique angles a header goalwards. The header didn’t have power on it and Rehenesh shows a safe pair of hands.

41′ Velez is through but he has two men ahead of him from the left flank. The ball is passed back but NorthEast still have the ball and Kolkata win a free kick. Ball moves to the other end swiftly.

39′ Hume heads the ball over!! Fantastic cross there from Rafique, who does some fabulous work on the right flank and sends the cross in and the header is over the bar.

37‘ Tiri plays a gorgeous diagonal ball to Rafique on the right flank, who passes it back to Dougtie and the cross sent in is cleared out behind for a corner. Yet again, there is infringement in the box and a foul is given.

35′ Kolkata still have a decent spell of possession and the cross is sent in from Rafique on the left and alas, Hume is called offside just as he was in a promising position in front of goal.

34′ Dangerous from NorthEast to give so much time and space to Borja and the Spaniard rifles a shot and the ball didn’t have an angle on it and is straight to the keeper

33′ VELEZ scores!!!….offside though. Simao comes in from the right to slip a ball in and Velez gets past the last man and the goalie and slots it into the net, only to be found marginally offside.

32′ NorthEast have possession and are patiently building an attack. Hume wins a throw in on the right and Kolkata have the ball now. Dougtie plays a poor pass and is cut out from the NorthEast defense.

30′ Borja’s pin-point passing is slowly  coming to the party here. A dangerous cross is cleared by Khongjee. Corner is taken by Gavilan and Bikey clears it from a crowded area. Doutie hoofs it behind. Goal Kick.

28‘ Velez rifles the ball over the bar!!! It was Bruno in midfield who got the ball and slid it through to the Argentinian, who ran through on the right before hoofing the shot over. He didn’t have a choice there as there was nobody with him.

27′ Atletico’s players are storming forward with real purpose here and NorthEast have been pegged back quite a bit. Hume sends a cross and is cleared and the resulting effort goes wide.

26‘ Khonjee could have got a red for his tackle on Dougtie. The NorthEast forward latched on to a pass from deep and the offside flag was raised immediately. NorthEast get away with murder here.

24‘ Both teams playing a bit of beach volley in the middle of the park and the ball is won by Raju and is passed forward. The cross comes in and Borja is caught offside.

22′ Cheeky free kick from Gavilan, who decides to tease Rehenesh with bounce and the ball is pushed behind by the keeper, awkwardly and Kolkata have a corner. Foul given against Kolkata while the corner is taken and NorthEast have possession.

20′ Lopez takes down Hume at the edge of the area and Kolkata have a free kick from 20 yards out.Yellow card given to the NorthEast defender.

18‘ Hume makes a run but is called offside. NorthEast have the ball now and the ball is passed from side to side. Kolkata get to the byline and the ball is squared for Gavilan and the shot coming in is wide.

16‘ NorthEast still have the ball but Kolkata win it on the left flank and they switch play to the right. Rafique sends in cross and Rehenesh takes a safe catch, coming off his lines.

15′ Kolkata clear and Gavilan delivers a cross into the box and Bikey stands firm, clearing it after chesting the ball first. Kolkata still have the ball. Bruno wins the ball but Velez loses it.

13′ NorthEast play a lovely move with Silas and Simao, who exchange passes and the ball is passed to the left to Velez’s feet and the away side have another corner.

11‘ The ball reaches the other end of the field straightaway as Kolkata seek the equaliser. Mohammad Rafique, back in the side after last year’s winner collapses in the area. The referee doesn’t blow for a foul.

8′ GOAL!!! Kolkata 0-1 NorthEast (Simao) Superb penalty from the Portuguese, thumping the ball to the right corner. Amrinder went the right way but there is no stopping those and NorthEast have their noses in front in the game.

Lopez is down and the referee points to the spot. PENALTY for NorthEast Nato had nudged the NorthEast defender as he leapt to meet the header and it was a good call from the referee. The crowd is stunned at the turn of events. Lopez is back on his feet now

6′ Dougtie catches Khongjee. No card given and the clearance only finds the Kolkata midfielders. The ball is won back though and Velez gets it on the right. Cross sails in and there is bit on confusion in the Kolkata box and NorthEast have a corner

4‘ Simao gets his first touch on the ball and NorthEast have the ball. From the right, Khongjee crosses to the right and Kolkata win it. The ball ball moves to the other end and the home side win a corner. Shocking corner from Jaime Gavilan!!!

2′ The match has got under way and it is a long ball forward from Bikey as NorthEast get things started from the centre circle. Yunnam Raju gives the ball away in midfield and the ball is passed forward to Hume. Bikey is watchful though.


ISL 2015 Live Score Updates Atletico de Kolkata vs NorthEast United, Indian Super League 2015

Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd Match Hero Indian Super League ISL 2015 Prediction Results Who will win.

Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd Match Details

Event- Indian Super League 2015
Date – 7th November 2015
Day – Saturday
Teams – Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd Match
Time – 19:00 IST
Venue – Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata
Home team – Atlético de Kolkata
Away team – NorthEast United FC

Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd Match Hero Indian Super League ISL 2015 Prediction Results Who will win:- Hero Indian Super League ISL 2015 32nd match Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC will be Saturday 7 November 2015. Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd match Saturday 7 November 2015 predictions provide this website. watch full Predictions and get results Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd match. Atlético de Kolkata vs NorthEast United FC 32nd match played Saturday on 7 November 2015 at 19:00 IST in Salt Lake Stadium.


NorthEast United FC: Aiborlang Khongjee, Robin Gurung, Boithang Haokip, Alen Deory, Rehenesh Thumbirumbu Paramba, Sanju Pradhan, Hali Charan Narzary, Seityasen Singh, Lalthuammawia Ralte, Siam Hanghal, Raju Yumnam, Reagan Singh , Marlangki Suting, Zohmingliana Ralte, Kondwani Mtonga, Andre Bikey, Gennaro Bracigliano, Simao Pedro Da Fonseca Sabrosa (Marquee Player), Bruno Herrero Arias, Diomansy Mehdi Moustapha Kamara, Jorge Manuel Rebelo Fernandes, Cedric Alain Hervine Hengbart, Nicolas Leandro Velez, Francis Dadzie, Boubacar Sanogo.

Atlético de Kolkata: Amrinder Singh, Juan Calatayud, Kunzang Bhutia (Lachungpa), Arnab Mondal, Denzil Franco, Nallappan Mohanraj, Syed Rahim Nabi, José Miguel González Rey (Josemi), José Luis Espinosa Arroyo (Tiri), Rino Anto, Lalchhawnkima, Augustin Fernandes, Sheikh Jewel Raja, Clifford Miranda, Borja Fernández, Ofentse Nato, Jaime Gavilan Martinez, Sameehg Doutie, Arata Izumi, Javier ‘Javi’ Lara Grande, Valmiro Lopes Rocha, Baljit Sahni, Nadong Bhutia, Hélder Postiga (marquee player), Sushil Kumar Singh, Iain Hume

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Kolkata 0-1 NorthEast – LIVE | Kolkata Vs NorthEast United FC ISL 32th Match Live

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