Kerala 2-3 Kolkata – Full Time – Kerala Blasters FC VS Atlético de Kolkata Live

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Kerala Blasters FC will take on 34th Match of Indian super league 2015 against Atlético de Kolkata

90+2 GOAL!!! Kerala 2-3 Kolkata (Arata Izumi) What  finish and that is his second and that should seal the tie!! The ball comes in from the right as Anto plays a superb through ball and the ball is tapped into the net!! That will be the last bit of action from the game. What a finish and the 60,000 plus crowd is crestfallen. Adios folks!

90+1‘ Kerala will have to thank their defense for clearing this one. Their defense was cut open on the break and Atletico were tearing into a 3 vs 2 situation.

89′ Antonio German is elbowed by Tiri on his back and the Kerala player goes down and struggles to be back up on his feet.

87′ Borja gives away a corner at the edge of the area. Perone steps up and the shot is deflected out of play for a corner. The Corner is swung in and it harmlessly runs out play. There is no saying what will happen in this contest.

85′ GOAL!!! Kerala 2-2 Kolkata (Antonio German) What a match this is turning out to be and that was straight from the kick-off! Excellent work from Coimbra to get into the area the cross is cleared out by the Kolkata defense initially but the resulting shot is slotted into the far corner.

84′ GOAL!!! Kerala 1-2 Kolkata (Arata Izumi) Cheekily done and it was moments after he came on. That should seal the tie.

83′ Kolkata still having the measure of their opponents on the flanks. The ball is switched to the right and Borja scoops the ball in the area and Hume thumps one goalwards……off the post.

81′ Kolkata’s buildup is good and the ball races away to the left flank and falls to Mohanan, who cuts and goes for glory again and the ball is sent into orbit this time around.

78′ Kerala win a free kick and Mehtab on the left steps up and swings it to the right corner and Amrinder has to jump up high to push the ball away. There is infringement in the area from Dagnell and a foul is given against him.

75′ It is a case of fine margins in this contest and Kerala live dangerously as it looks like Ishfaq had tripped Doutie, No foul given but that was perilously close.

72‘ Rafi bombs forward and Mohanraj is watchful this time and clears the ball away. Kolkata make a change – Valdo comes on for Denzil Franco

70‘ The Kerala defender is up on his feet and Kolkata have possession of the ball. Kerala win the ball on the left and Saumik runs with the ball and the ball is cleared.

68‘ This match looks like it will go down to the wire and Perone is taken down by Mohanraj, whose trailing boot sticks right into the Kerala defender and he is down on the ground.

65′ Kolkata try to weather the storm after being under the cosh for a good five-seven minutes. Kolkata make a change and Arata comes on for Gavilan

63‘ Kerala are getting closer and closer. Dagnall goes down the right, tries to cut back and the ball is cleared off the line.

61‘ Kerala down on the right again and Bheke gets a cross in and the ball is saved by the keeper. Rafi now makes a dash into the area and tumbles. Calls for a penalty are waved away.

59‘ Kolkata got away on the counter and Jewel was making a promising run on the right and the ball was cleared out through an unexpected deflection and goes out of play.

57‘ Kolkata letting go off their man easily again and nearly pay for it again. Rafi this time runs to the byline and cuts back for Dagnall and the shot is away. The ball fizzes narrowly wide of the near post.

55′ What an attempt from German! The forward gets the ball on the left flank; stops and teases Tiri and cuts in on the right using change of pace to full effect and getting a shot away. The ball is parried away by Amrinder at the near post,

53′ Kolkata won a corner and Nato was in the area and lined up to take a shot but the shot was straight to the keeper. That was a good chance to get into the lead.

49‘ Kerala get a free-kick outside the area and yet again, they are wasteful in possession. The ball goes to the other end and Ramage slides in brilliantly to pass the ball back to the keeper. At the other end, Rafi twists and turns but a foul is given against him.

47′ The second half is underway and Jewel Raja comes on for Kolkata. Kerala having an early spell of possession on the ball.

Half Time

45+2′ There is quite a tussle going on between German and Nato on the right flank. Post winning the throw in, Amrinder somehow punches the ball out, meeting another one of Bheke’s raking throws. That will be the last bit of action from the half.

45‘ Kolkata now come close and Gavilan’s shot was well blocked in the area. Kerala once again, blaze away on the counter but run out of ideas near the right flank. Dagnall gets the ball and the ball goes out of play as he tries to get the cross away.

43′ Kerala have a sudden surge in confidence and Saumik, who had dashed down the left crossed the ball to Ishfaq but he couldn’t get the ball into the area and get a shot in.

41′ Kerala 1-1 Kolkata (German) The ball is sweetly struck to the bottom right corner by the left-footer. Kerala equalise.

40′ Kerala Blasters win a penalty!!! Terrible tackle by Mohanraj, who chose to take Josu down. The Spaniard had bombarded past his man

38‘ What a chance to equalise!!! German with the effort and he did brilliantly to get the ball past Anto and only the goalkeeper stood in his way. Alas, the shot was skewed wide.

37′ Kerala living dangerously by playing a high line and it nearly plays into Kolkata’s hands as Hume nearly gets the ball past Ramage but the Kerala skipper recovers on time to clear the ball.

34‘ The Blasters are looking to take possession and had a shot through Rafi. Bheke’s cross was met at the far post. Sanchez gets a knock and is limping off the field. Sanchez off, German on

31‘ Kolkata storm forward through Mohanraj again and the ball goes behind this time around, just seconds before he made the cross. Kerela are passing the ball from side to side.

‘ GOAL!!! Kerala 0-1 Kolkata (Nallappan Mohanraj) Whoa! goal out of nowhere!

The ball was crossed into the far post and the defender was ghosting in at the far post with some purpose and a simple header was enough to put the ball behind Bywater and Kolkata lead!

29′ The throw is straight to Amrinder and the ball is at the other end of the pitch.

27‘ Kerala on the attack and Bheke tries to find Ishfaq on the right. The ball is cleared out by Titri and it is a chance for the Kerala right-back to get one of his javelin throws going.

25′ Kolkata now win a free kick and from 25 yards out, things look promising. Hume takes the dead ball and the ball sails over the bar. Goal-kick awarded.

23‘ The ball is in play despite Josu thumping against the wall. Saumik gets the ball on the left and breezes past two players to get to the byline and the cross is decent too. Not enough men in the area to meet it.

21′ Kerala was applying pressure and Kolkata were under a bit of pressure. Outside the box, Kerala win a free-kick and Kerala line up with Perone and Josu to convert this one.

19′ Kerala had space on the left and Ramage on the right lobbed the ball to Sanchez, who failed to control it. Amrinder mis-kicks the ball and Kerala nearly had a counter there but Josu was tackled off the ball.

17′ Rafique gets a yellow card. Sanchez was galloping down the middle and Gavilan, Doutie and RAfique were chasing him. The Kerala forward is tripped and the card comes out.

15′ Kolkata win a corner on the right through Hume. Gavilan takes it. Cleared and Kolkata have a second attempt and the delivery is poor. Anto lobs the ball to Doutie and Bywater comes out of his line to collect the ball.

13′ What an effort from Rino Anto!! Playing in his home ground, he makes a driving run from right back and unleashes a powerful shot from 35 yards out and the ball goes just over the crossbar.

11′ Kerala grab hold of possession and pass the ball from side to side. Sanchez and Borja get involved in an off the ball incident but the referee doesn’t fork out out a card. It seemed liked The Kolkata skipper had shoved the Englishman at the back.

9‘ Rafi gets a header after a chance was created out of thin air. The cross was swung in and the header from the Kerala striker was powerful but went a few feet over the bar, at the far post.

8′ Kolkata are dominating possession and the ball is spread out wide. Denzil tries to cross, cleared. The ball comes back as Doutie on the left flank who can’t get his shot away either.

6‘ Atletico crank up the pressure as they look to grab an early lead. Corner is won and Hume runs forward to receive the pass at the near post. The header goes over the bar.

4‘ Sanchez uses his strength well in the middle of the park and lobs the ball forward. Kolkata are keeping a close eye on the two other forwards and Rafi’s chase proves futile. Hume gets the first shot on target of the match as he leaps well to latch on to Gavilan’s ball. Bywater pouches on a harmless effort.

2‘ The match is underway and Gavilan and Ramage clash as they look to win possession for their respective teams. Ramage needs treatment while Gavilan is limping. Both players are back on their feet now.

Atletico de Kolkata Mohanraj, Tiri, Hue, Gavilan, Borja, Denzil, Amrinder, Anto, Doutie, Nato, Rafique

Kerala Blasters Bheke, Ramage, Dagnall, Sanchez, Ishfaq, Mehtab, Rafi, Bruno, Saumik, Bywater, Josu

Competition : Indian super League 2015
Date : 10/11/2015 Tuesday
Time : 7-00 PM IST
Stadium : Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Kochi
Home team : Kerala Blasters FC
Away team : Atlético de Kolkata

Atlético de Kolkata: Amrinder Singh, Juan Calatayud, Kunzang Bhutia (Lachungpa), Arnab Mondal, Denzil Franco, Nallappan Mohanraj, Syed Rahim Nabi, José Miguel González Rey (Josemi), José Luis Espinosa Arroyo (Tiri), Rino Anto, Mohammed Rafique, Augustin Fernandes, Sheikh Jewel Raja, Clifford Miranda, Borja Fernández, Ofentse Nato, Jaime Gavilan Martinez, Sameehg Doutie, Arata Izumi, Javier ‘Javi’ Lara Grande, Valmiro Lopes Rocha, Baljit Sahni, Nadong Bhutia, Hélder Postiga (marquee player), Sushil Kumar Singh, Iain Hume

Kerala Blasters FC: Stephen Bywater, Rahul Shankar Bheke, Ramandeep Singh, Peter Ramage, Carlos Marchena (Marquee Player), Cavin Lobo, Joao Coimbra, Chris Dagnall, Mohd Rafi, Ishfaq Ahmed, Shankar S, CK Vineeth, Mehtab Hossain, Sandesh Jhingan, Gurwinder Singh, Manandeep Singh, Sanchez Watt, Antonio German, Bruno Perone, Sandip Nandy, Saumik Dey, Marcus Williams, Peter Carvalho, Victor Herrero Forcada, Josu Currias, Shilton Paul

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