ISL Football Match Live – Chennai vs Goa ISL Final Match Score Result

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90+5′ The shot from Lucca goes inches wide. What an effort and that will be last bit of action from the game. Chennai are winners and Goa are distraught.

90+4′ Wadoo is down and the stretcher comes on takes the man out. Surprisingly he is back on his feet.

90+2′ GOAL!! Goa 2-3 Chennai (Mendoza) What a turnaround and the crowd is stunned in silence. The goan defense makes a calamitous error and Kattimani has little tine to save the powerful shot. 

90′ GOAL!!! Goa 2-2 Chennai (Own goal) The cross came in Kattimani clashed with his own player and the ball bobs into the net. The ball is in after a three minute chat with the linesman. 

87′ GOAL!!! Goa 2-1 Chennai (Joffre) What a free kick as he curled the ball, Beckham-esque into the goal. What a finish and it is worthy of winning the 

85′ Blasi handles the ball just at the edge of the area and it is just 20 yards and Joffre is stepping up.

83′ Ohhhh! Chennai have a chance and it is Kattimani makes a superb save. His positioning was spot on and the hands, stiff as he collects the ball. Mendoza and Elano have shots on target. Kattimani yet again is on the money.

80′ The ball is with Goa and they get a shot away and it was fantastic play on the right. The cut back is good.

78‘ Goa have the ball and are knocking on the Chennai door. They are holding firm and the match is moving from end to end.

77′ Virat Kohli is brought to his feet in the stands. Chennai have a man down.

75‘ What a save from Edel! A cross was floated in from the right and Haokip, who was in the area backheeled the ball straight at goal but the Armenian goalie makes a fantastic reflex save and holds the ball.

74′ Lucio was easily beaten and the shot went fizzing over and as the Chennai left-back found himself in space after surge forward.

71′ Fantastic  bit of play by Joffre as he twists and turns and leaves the Chennai defense for dead. Goa are gaining intensity and the shot cum cross goes only as far as the safe Edel.

68′ Another shot and the ball goes over the bar. Dhanachandra comes in from the left, making a surging run and then came the shot, which went fizzing over the left post.

66′ The ball is cleared out and both sides make changes: Jayesh comes on as Jeje makes his exit. Pelissari replaced by Elano.

64′ That was Goa’s moment! The cross came in from the right and Haokip tried an overhead kick, then came another effort from Reinaldo and it went over.

63′ Dhanachandra give away a corner and the ball is taken out clear. Joffre gets a shot away and the ball went fizzing wide of the goal.

61′ Saved!!! Another bad penalty from Chennai. Mendoza goes low and the shot didn’t have any power on it and Kattimani saves it.

60‘ Chennai get another penalty. Kattimani this time takes the Chennai forward as he was going for a through ball in the area.

59′ GOAL!!! (Haokip) Goa 1-1 Chennai The ball is drilled in by Romeo from the right flank and Haokip smashed the ball into the net.

58′ Thoi Singh clips Rafael Coelho from behind and the Chennai midfielder is given a yellow card. Pranoy makes a high tackle on Mendoza, almolst taking off the Chennai striker’s head.

55′ Pelissari gets another chance but he wastes the chance. Kattimani comes out. The ball falls to the feet of Pellisari and he can’t get a shot on. The ball goes wide.

54′ GOAL!!! Goa 0-1 Chennai (Pelissari) The penalty was saved and it was a weak penalty from the Italian. The rebound though was tapped in. Chennai lead.

52′ Penalty for Chennai. Terrible challenge from Halder on Mendoza. Pelissari to step up

50′ Pelissari gets the ball and he cuts in from the left and gets the ball to swing wide of the right post but the curler goes away from the target and goes wide.

49′ Sterile play in the first few minutes and the ball keeps going from one end to the other, not creating any changes.

47′ Goa make the early charge in the second half. Bikramjit gets the ball outside the box and he unleashes a shot and the ball thunders off Pelissari. Fantastic block

Massive blow for Goa as Leo Moura goes off. Thongkosiem Haokip is his replacement

45+2′ Nervy times for Chennai. Wadoo flings his elbow and he is on a yellow. The referee keeps his hands in his pocket and warns him. Fair decision by the referee but the Chennai right-back has to watch it. That will be the last bit of action of the first half, which definitely beats boredom.

45′ Chennai patiently build up play. The ball comes to Wadoo on the right and the shot comes in  from 35 yards out and the shot is sent flying over the bar. Bad attempt to finish off a promising move.

44′ Chennai keep making cynical challenges and Goa keep winning free kicks in the middle of the park. Chennai win it back quickly and yet again, Jeje and Mendoza threaten at the goalmouth. The Colombian was nearly away.

42′ More fouls here as Dhanachandra takes down Bikramjit. The Goan midfielder had nutmegged his opponent before he was pulled down.

40′ It has been a while but Goa get the ball back and Moura surges forward and looks to chip it in. The ball goes out for a goalkick and the Brazilian playmaker is cramping up a little.

38′ The ball comes to the feet of Mendoza and he almost breaks the deadlock. Somehow, the ISL top scorer wriggles away from the defense and finds space on the left. The shot comes in and it is parried away behind. He looked certain to score there.

36′ Mendoza shows great instincts. He wins a free kick from 35 yards out. He sees Jeje forward and chips a ball in quickly. It almost landed at the feet of his teammate. Kattimani was alert.

34‘ Chennai have the ball and Thoi Singh combines with Jeje on the right. Cross is floated in and the ball was cleared out before it could fall at the feet of Mendoza.

32′ Goa win a free kick from 20 yards out! Leo Moura and Joffre lineup. It is the right foot of Moura and the ball goes under the wall and the ball is deflected narrowly wide.

30′ Fantastic play from Goa! Long ball thumped forward and Coelho, wriggles his way past two defenders and controls the ball fabulously. The ball, alas was cleared by Mailson just as the striker was rounding up the Goalkeeper.

27′ The momentum has changed hands. Goa are playing good possession football. Khabra makes a good sliding tackle and clears the ball away. Chennai have the ball.

25′ Moura comes in the game for the first time and he drives a nice through ball to Coelho and now, he appeals for a penalty after a fall in the box. The ball is cleared out by the defense.

23′ More heated action here as Goa rip Chennai on the counter and a cross in and Edel saves the day. At the other end, Pelissari thinks he is fouled but the referee keeps his hands in the pocket.

21′ Tempers flare here after Mendoza was through on goal and had a shot on goal. He had Kattimani and a man to beat, the ball bounces off Kattimani, who pushes him down. The Colombian asks for a penalty.

20′ Lucca swings the ball in and it is punched away from Edel. Close there. Corner is cleared and the ball goes to the other end.

19′ Chennai give away a free kick right at the edge of the area. Joffre is fouled  by Wadoo, who goes in the book

17′ Wonderful play from Pelissari! The Chennai forward gets the ball outside the area, a rebound from a goal kick. The Italian eases past Lucio and has a shot, which flies wide of the left post. Decent play.

15′ More injury worries for Goa here and it is Mandar who is down and needs treatment. He is down on the ground and the medics are on. It stemmed from the clash with Wadoo.

Nearly a break there for Goa and it was quite unlike them. Mandar hoofs a long ball forward, searching for Rafael Coelho. Chennai’s defense holds firm.

11′ There are more elbows and flourishes from the defense. Goa are not getting a concerted amount of possession and this is where they have been restless in the past and lost momentum. Plenty of individual battles here and Wadoo and Mandar clash. Goa win possession through a free kick.

What a shame! Dudu’s final was short lived as he is stretchered off the pitch. In comes Jonathan Lucca.

8′ The Men in White have the ball again. More possession in their own half as the build-up is patient and are looking to free Mendoza. Mendy fouls and Goa have a free kick.

6‘ Clash of heads and Mailson is down. Chennai win a free kick. The tempo has been lively from both sides as the early goal is of paramount importance. Stoppage in play as Dudu is on the floor too.

4′ Now Chennai have possession and Elano and Mendoza combine and there is confusion between Lucio and Kattimani and the ball almost rolls into Chennai’s path. Chennai have gained momentum and are bossing around with the ball.

2‘ Excellent start from Goa and Mandar races to the right flank and whips a cross in. The ball bounces high in the Chennai territory but Reinaldo can’t jump and take the ball.

FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC lock horns in what promises to be a cracker of a title clash of the Indian Super League (ISL) today.

Both have erred at different points — like Goa getting beaten 4-0 at home by Chennai and then Chennai being on the verge of elimination at one stage.

But both have learnt from mistakes, devised effective plans and as a result improved — like Goa beating Chennai away 2-0 and then the latter going on a bull run of five consecutive wins.

Of the two teams Goa looks the better-rounded. Our Correspondent N. Sudarshan gives us the latest from the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa:

Starting XI:

Chennaiyin FC: Edel, Wadoo, Mailson, Mendy (c), Dhana, Thoi, Blasi, Khabra, Jeje, Mendoza, Bruno.

Goa XI: Lucio (c), Bikramjit, Moura, Arnolin, Mandar, Pronay, Romeo, Rafael, Joffre, Dudu, Kattimani.

Squads list

FC Goa: Elinton Sanchotene Andrade, Luis Barreto, Laxmikant Kattimani, Lucio (marquee), Gregory Arnolin, Luciano Sobrosa, Keenan Almeida, Nicolau Colaco, Raju Gaekwad, Debabrata Roy, Narayan Das, Joffre Mateu Gonzalez, Leo Moura, Jonatan Lucca, Denson Devdas, Pronay Halder, Bikramjit Singh, Mandar Rao Dessai, Romeo Fernandes, Reinaldo Da Cruz Oliveira, Rafael Coelho, Macpherlin Omagbemi Dudu, Thongkhosiem Haokip, Victorino Fernandes, Joaquim Abranches, CS Sabeeth.

Chennaiyin FC: Karanjit Singh, Nidhin Lal, Apoula Edel Bete, Éder Monteiro Fernandes, Justin Stephen, Bernard Mendy, Abhishek Das, Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte, L. Dhanachandra Singh, Mehrajuddin Wadoo, Mailson Alves, Alessandro Potenza, Gilbert Oliveira, Elano Blumer (marquee), Godwin Franco, Thoi Singh, Harmanjot Khabra, Raphael Augusto, Bruno Augusto Pelissari de Lima, Zakeer Mundampara, Manuele Blasi, Fikru Teferra Lamessa, Jayesh Rane, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Balwant Singh, John Stiven Mendoza Valencia.

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