Goa 3-0 Delhi – Match Result | ISL 2015 Live Score Updates FC Goa vs Delhi Dynamos

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Full Time Goa become the first team to enter the ISL 2015 final. Roberto Carlos and Zico embrace on the touchline. Delhi only have themselves to blame after squandering many clear-cut chances.

90+5′ Last minute of stoppage time and Goa have a corner. Joffre and Moura exchange short passes and win a throw in. Joffre throws the ball in and the referee blows the final whistle and the crowd breaks into raptures. The Gaurs are elated.

90+4′ Mulder trips Lucca and becomes the seventh player to go into the book. Goa make a change as Romeo, who had a stunning game walks off and in comes Denson.

90+2′ Gustavo Dos Santos shows immense close control yet again and skips past a couple of players with ease and then takes a shot, which goes well over the bar.

90+1′ Goa win a corner and Malouda curls it into the box and Robin Singh gets a free header and the ball sails over the bar. He was too far out in the box anyway.

89′ More stoppages there and Goa are running down the clock to the end of the game. Five minutes left for the game to draw to a close.

86′ The intensity of Delhi has dropped a little and Goa are on their way to the final. What has happened here? Nabi, who has been substituted comes on the the pitch and the referee gives him a red card. He is sent into the tunnel and flips the bird to the home crowd on his way out. Mama also goes into the book.

83′ GOAL!!! Goa 3-0 Delhi (Dudu)  Doblas saves an attempt on goal and the corner is taken short. The ball is crossed to the far post and Romeo cuts it back in, expertly taking it on the volley and the ball is slotted into the net from three yards out. Wilde celebrations are underway!

80′ Ohhhhh! What a chance for Goa as Dudu steals the ball and starts a counter-attack. Moura reaches the byline on the left but can’t square the ball on time.

79′ Sehnaj takes a punt from 30 yards out and the ball is calmly collected by Kattimani, who is in a good position to take the shot. Easy save.

77′ More cards and even more rash play from both sides. Here, Bikramjit uses his elbow and Dos Santos feels the heat of it as the players go for the ball. The Goan goes in the book, the sixth of the game and players from both sides indulge in a bit of pushing and shoving.

75′ Play is back on and Len replaces Robert as Delhi make a change. Mandar makes a terrific run down the left but his cross is too far away from Moura, who was waiting at the far post.

73′ Mandar breaks away on the left and Sehnaj deals with it calmly. Dangerous play from Anas, who lashes an elbow on the face of Joffre, who is down on the ground. The medics are on the pitch while the Delhi defender gets away with that scot-free

71′ Delhi still search for that solitary goal that will seal the contest. Through balls, crosses, long balls, they are all coming in droves from the visiting teams but they lack cutting edge. Mama is down near the touchline and there is another stoppage in play.

69′ Dos Santos drives through the middle and Lucca makes a two-footed lunge on Lucca. Yellow card is given to the Goan midfielder.

67′ Joffre is through on goal after Moura plays an inch-perfect through ball. He is tripped by Doblas in the box but the flag was up on the farside.

64′ Jonathan Lucca comes on for Rafael. Delhi seeing quite a bit of the ball during this phase. The ball is cleared out easily after Dos Santos slides in a brilliant through ball.

62′ Delhi threaten briefly and Dos Santos, who move to the centre slips a pass to Robin Singh on the left. His cross is cut on and Rafael is away on the break. Chicao cuts it off on the right flank and the Goan striker is down again and the stretcher comes in and carries him off again.

61′ Gustavo bombs down the right flank and the Goan defense, who now play a low block hold firm and the ball runs out of play.

59′ More trouble for Rafael, who is taking quite a bit of battering. He tussles for the ball with Gustavo, who makes a late challenge and the Goan players press for a card. The Delhi winger is on a yellow.

57′ Adil Nabi comes off and is replaced by Gadze. Mandar gets a yellow card as the two teams get into a bit of a scuffle.

55′ Malouda brings down Dudu and Goa wins a free kick. Richard Gadze is ready to come on. And…. Doblas and Anas go vie for the clearance and the ball runs free in the box. Moura takes a shot and the goalkeeper parries it away.

53′ Delhi win a free-kick on the left flank as Mandar makes an innocuous looking challenge. The dead ball kick goes straight to the keeper.

51′ Goa come so close to finishing the game. Rafael is still limping and Dudu’s shot from the byline takes a deflection off Doblas, who pushes it wide and Moura’s shot off the rebound lacked composure and shot it to orbit.

Half Time The clock rolls down and Goa’s incisiveness, decision-making and tempo simply blew away Delhi, who just need a goal to get back in the game and the tie.

45+2′ Lucio walks off the field. Delhi have the ball and the attack breaks down as Mama can’t get to the end of a through ball.

45′+1 Five minutes of stoppage time and there is a little more urgency from the Delhi side. Fantastic defending from Lucio, who bravely blocks a shot from Malouda and is on the ground. Gustavo’s fancy footwork leading up to the pass to the Frenchman was a joy to watch. It was classic Gustavo

44′ Mandar, who has been immense so far has a shot from the left wing. He saw Doblas off his line and tested him with a shot, which hit the side netting.

42′ Rafael is down on the ground again and this time, he can’t carry on and is stretchered off the field. HE was running through on goal before Anas’ slide saved the day for Goa.

41′ Delhi have another spell on the ball but their midfield looks too slow and ponderous while the wingers have been disappointing with crosses. Yet again, Mulder’s pass is cut out with ease.

39′ Goa win a corner as Mandar makes the Delhi defense sweat. Moura’s corner was also first-rate and Delhi had to be watchful to clear the ball out.

37′ Malouda takes the corner and Goa yet again look lethal on the counter. Swift one-touch passing again and the ball reaches Romeo on the right, who goes to the byline but it goes out for a goal kick.

36′ Goa take a quick free-kick  and Mandar is nearly clear. Whoa…what happened here? Delhi send a long ball forward and Gregory and Kattimani are culpable of ball watching. Malouda runs behind and the goalie got the final touch to nervously tip it away for a corner. That could have so easily gone in.

34′ A card is shown for the first time in the game and it is Gustavo Dos Santos, who goes in the book after tripping Leo Moura from behind.

32′ Hans Mulder gets his first attempt and it rolls harmlessly wide of the left post. The shot was taken from outside the box. Delhi’s attacks have to be quicker.

30′ Substitution for Delhi and it is quite a statement from Roberto Carlos: Riise comes off after being having a hand in both goals being conceded. Hans Mulder comes on

29′ Frustrated with proceedings, Robin Singh takes a shot at the other and it was not far away. A powerful strike from outside the box and it thundered narrowly away from Kattimani

27′ GOAL!!! Goa 2-0 Delhi (Rafael Coelho) Only a few minutes ago, it looked like he was going to walk off injured. Here, he gets the ball in midfield, dashes forward and smashes the ball into the far corner. The ball comes off the post and rolls into the net.

25′ Adil Nabi comes perilously close there. Sehnaj came forward with the ball and had a shot and it was comically misdirected but landed straight to Nabi’s feet and his first-time shot went wide of the left post.

24′ Delhi have the ball and try to launch a counter. They spread play and Dos Santos receives the ball on the left flank and takes a shot from just outside the area. The ball rolls wide.

22′ Goa come close again! Romeo crosses the ball into the box and Doblas came off his line to punch the ball clear and it fell kindly to Romeo, who lobbed the ball goalwards but it was a few feet wide. Great chance that.

20′ Delhi get a shot and it is from 25 yards out. Sehnaj with the attempt after getting possession in midfield. The ball reached the upper tier.

19′ Delhi briefly attack on their left and the cross that was floated in by Mama was wayward. Goa continue to hog the ball.

17′ Injuries everywhere and this is worrisome. Another stoppage and this time, Rafael is down as he pulled his calf trying to go for a through ball. Chicao walked off the field earlier after he had a cut below his eye.

15′ The crowd is on their feet and it is a carnival atmosphere in one of India’s football headquarters. There is a stoppage in play at the moment.

13′ Goa are not resting on their lead and yet again it Joffre, this time from the left slips a pass to Rafael but the pass was too strong.

11′ GOAL!!! Goa 1-0 Delhi (Joffre) Well deserved goal although the ball took a deflection off Chicao and rolled into the net. Delhi defenders failed to track his run as he was cutting in from the right. Game on! It is the midfielder’s third goal of his maiden ISL campaign

10′ The play continues and Joffre pounces on the lose ball with a shot from outside the area. The ball fizzes over the bar.

9′ Confusion and anger in the technical area. The Delhi bench is up in arms and are furious at a decision. The referee walks over to Roberto Carlos, who has his arms folded and has a word.

7′ Goa are applying pressure and Delhi are on the backfoot. Joffre takes a shot and the ball deflects off the Delhi wall and rolls to Mandar on the left, who sets Rafael through the left and chips the ball goalwards, Doblas chips it over.

5′ Goa this time threaten with a long ball but Reinaldo runs over John Arne Riise and the ball rolls to Doblas. The home side are flying off the blocks

3′ Cautious play for the first three minutes and it was Goa who made a run forward, throwing men in attack but the Delhi defense dealt with it calmly.

The lineups are out:

Delhi Dynamos FC 

Toni Doblas (GK), Sehnaj, Anas Edathodika, John Arne Riise, Robert, Dos Santos, Florent Malouda, Anderson Chicao (C), Mama, Adil Nabi, Robin Singh.

FC Goa 

Laxmikant Kattimani (GK), Pronay Halder, Lucio (C), Arnolin Gregory, Romeo Fernandes, Leo Moura, Bikramjit, Joffre, Mandar Dessai, Rafael Coelho, Dudu.

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