Goa 1-1 Pune – Full Time | ISL 2015 Live Score Updates FC Goa vs FC Pune City

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Goa and Pune play out an interesting draw and it was the home side who looked the better of the two sides. One can’t win them all and Pune held on and got the equaliser through a cracking finish from Lyngdoh. Pune and Goa hold to the first and third spots respectively.

90+4′ Goa pour men forward and play some short passes to get the ball on the flanks. Narayan Das with a cross from the left wing to the far post but the ball rolls out of play. The referee blows the final whistle.

90+2′ The clock is running down and it looks like Pune have settled for a point. Leo Moura is playing off the shoulders of the last defender and the long ball forward goes straight to the goalie.

90′ Goa are searching for a winner and Haokip skips his way into the box. The ball is cleared and there will be four minutes of added time. Pune take control of the ball.

Goa make  changes –  Colaco on for Romeo and Narayan Das and Raju Gaikward also come on. Pune meanwhile make two changes – The injured Gourmangi limps off and is replaced by Manish Maithani.  

87′ Goa now on the counter and they attack in numbers. Pune had men back on time but it all started from a Shorey corner, which was wayward from the Englishman’s standards.

85′ Pune have more purpose about them on the counter and the nimble feet of Jackichand and Verhoek are causing some damage. The Dutch winger is on the ball again and his drive to find Jackie was cleared on time by Sabrosa.

83′ The crowd is egging Pune on and there are more searching balls into the area. Goa win a corner and the corner is swung into the area by Lucca but Johnson heads it away.

81‘ The battles are getting a little heated out here and the ball is being swept from end to end. Shorey makes a powerful run forward but can’t make his way through. Pune still have the ball. Lyngdoh slips a nice ball to Jackichand, who crosses the ball into the far post. Lenny TAKES A SHOT and the ball bounces back off Andrade, who is up for the task.

79′ Goa get the ball forward and Abranches tussles with Gourmangi on the right hand side for the ball. Lygdoh and Leo Moura now vie for the ball and the foul is waved against the Brazilian.

77′ Leo Moura is on the ball and he switches the ball to Mandaar, who has had an inspired game, on the left flank. The winger drills the ball into the centre, the ball was excellent but there was no Goa player at the end of it to tap the ball past Simonsen.

75′ Verhoek delivers another good cross in! The ball is angled in from the right flank after a good spell of possession and Uche meets it at the far post and the ball goes over the bar.

73′ Goa are on the attack again and it is their creativity at the centre of the pitch that has really troubled the Pune backline. The pace slows down now and it is goalkeeper to goalkepeer stuff.

71′ Attacks coming thick and fast and Goa have found their mojo back. Shorey had to do very well to snuff out an attack while Abranches was called offside, just as he was running into space on the right.

69′ LUCCA comes close!! The free kick was taken by the Brazilian and the ball looked like it was going to squirm into the far corner but it hits the side netting. One half of the crowd thought that the ball found its way in.

67′ Tempers flare here as Zokora takes Moura down and the Goa player is on the ground in pain. There is plenty of pushing and shoving too and the referee is trying to calm things down. Inexplicably, he brandishes a yellow card to Kalu Uche, who cannot believe that he has gone in the book. Case of mistaken identity and who do you blame in this situation?

63′ GOAL!!! Goa 1-1 Pune (Eugeneson Lyngdoh)Verhoek, just moments after coming con races to the byline and Goa are a little caught out. The cross was pounded into the box but it was the speed of the ball that Lyngodh used to full effect in heading the ball perfectly into the far corner.

62‘ There is a stoppage in play as Simonsen injuries himself while taking control of the ball after a cross was swung into the area.

Another change for the away side – Jackichand Singh comes on for Bikash Jairu

Substitution for Pune – Verhoek on for Tuncay, who had a poor game

58′ Mandar comes close!! Goa are creating all kinds of problems and it is Simonsen that they have to thank for not letting another goal in. First, there was a point-blank save from Mandar and from the resulting corner, Sabrosa came close with a header directed backwards and the ball is tipped over.

55‘ We apologise for the minor technical glitch from our end. Goa are still holding the ball and a shot comes in from Leo Moura and the ball is sent into into orbit.

47′ GOAL!!! Goa 1-0 Pune (Roger Johnson 0.g) So unfortunate for the player who has been the best player on the pitch so far. Goa score and it was a well deserved goal at that. With a goal coming early in the second half, Goa have the initiative.

Half Time 

45+2′ More stoppage time as Ravanan and Abranches vie for the ball. The Pune player needs treatment and is now back on the field. Tuncay still struggles to influence proceedings and the referee chooses to end things and that is HALF TIME at the Fatorda Stadium.

45+1′ Shorey this time is on the floor and is writhing in pain. It was after he was fouled straight from a goalkick and Pune have a free kick. Shorey on the dead ball,  curling it to the middle from the left wing and Gourmangi’s header is not controlled and is over the bar.

44′ Once again, Pune fail to close down the space between the lines; the downside of playing a conventional 4-4-2. Goa march forward  but Shorey gets back on time to clear the ball.

42′ There is a minor stoppage in play as Zokora thunders into Abranches. Pune are on the ball and they find their way into the area. Gregory heads the ball away. Leo Moura runs with the ball to launch a counter and Zokora trips him.

40′ Goa play a few good short passes and the shot from Jonathan Lucca is well over the bar. The Guars get another corner and this time, it is calmly cleared by the defense.

38′ Pune nearly score!!! The corner was punched out by Andrade and Kalu Uche, who got the ball, which found its way into the box again was palmed out by the goalie. The striker tried a backheel and it was a good opportunity wasted.

36′ Pune show some spark here and it is Nicky Shorey who leads the way with a clever one-two with Bikash Jairu, who was outside the area. The Englishman gets into the box and wins a corner for his side.

34‘ Goa still pegging Pune back and Ravanan does well to defy Haokip. The Goa winger gets the ball back though and his shot was never going to threaten anybody and the ball safely reaches the hands of Simonsen.

32′ Gregory comes close for Goa!!! The home side could have easily had a penalty here. Bikramjit swings the ball to the near post and Gregory’s header is inches above the bar. The ball did graze Tuncay’s hand on the way through.

30′ Pune ask questions and win a corner. The ball is swung into the box by Lyngdoh and it is good inswinging delivery. Ball is cleared and Goa take control and Lucca lets one fly but that is more of a rugby kick than anything else.

28′ Romeo races to the touchline from a counter. Pune are short of men at the back again and the Indian midfielder gets tothe byline and is confused whether to cross or shoot and the attack fizzles out from a promising position.

26′ Play is back and Goa are stopped in their tracks. The attack is snuffed out and Pune are resorting to long balls and yet again, their attacks are harmless and easily cleared.

24‘ Goa are in command of proceedings here and they launch more attacks into the Pune area. Mandar is down and is clutching his knees on the left flank and the medics have rushed on to the pitch for treatment.

22′ Jairu feels he was fouled by Lucio and the ball races to the other end and….OFF THE BAR!!! What an effort from Mandaar. He got the ball on the left flank and cut in, cleverly before taking a thunderous shot on his right and the ball hits the bottom part of the woodwork!!! How unlucky

20′ No respite for Goa and Nicky Shorey almost makes a calamitous back-pass. More trouble ensues for Pune and Gourmangi has to jump and make an important clearance. Corner — and Lucio meets the ball and header goes three feet wide of the left post.

18‘ There are more attacks coming to dead the moment and Pune need to tweak their plans a little. Uches is called offside. Goa start a quick counter and….Abranches!! He takes a shot which is wide but flag was up.

16′ Pune have simply not gotten going in this match so far. Their attacks have lacked zip or any kind of rhythm and  Johnson is everywhere now. Here, the Englishman dashes to the left flank to stop Abranches from taking the ball.

13′ Goa are not short of numbers forward and are bombing forward at will. Here is Haokip, popping on the left and getting to the byline but the ball runs out of play.

11′ GOALLINE CLEARANCE!!! Brilliant work from Roger Johnson and it is as good as they would come. Suddenly, Pune’s high line played into Goa’s hands and one good pass split the defense open and Haokip nudge the ball past Simonsen and Johnson ran back and stopped the ball from rolling over centemeters before the line.

9′ Neither side able to hold on to possession. Goa meanwhile, string a good set of short passes to get to the left flank. Pune win it back and Gregory makes a cynical challenge on Zokora and is lucky to get away without a card.

8′ Pune are patiently building an attack from the back and the pressing from the Goa forwards so far has been encouraging so far. Lenny tries to pick out Tuncay but Goa intercept the ball.

6′ Long goalkick comes to nothing and play restarts through Andrade. Leo Moura drops deep and he twists and turns and passes it forward to Mandar, who lets one fly. It is well over the bar!

4′ Gourmangi takes control of the ball and delivers a long, searching ball to Kalu Uche but it doesn’t reach the target. Goa take control of the ball and Mandar tucks inside to pack the midfield. The ball reaches Leo Moura, who takes a shot – well wide.

2′ Pune get the ball rolling in this encounter. A partisan crowd welcomes Goa. The home side take control of the ball and are calm in possession. Zico wears a pensive look as he watches from the touchline.  The attack breaks down.

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