FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters Live – FC Goa beat Kerala Blasters 2-1

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ISL 2015: FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters – Players to watch out for.

ISL 2015: FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters – Preview, Live stream & TV channel info, Team News, Prediction

83′ GOAL!!! Goa 2-1 Kerala (Gregory)

82‘ More cramps here as the sultry conditions are getting to the players. Kerala have the ball and Mandar races away on the counter. Moura delivers the ball on to the right and the Brazilian goes to ground in the box. Goa win a corner anyway.

80′ Kerala have won a free kick in a promising position after Leo Moura gives the ball away. The ball is floated in and the Goa defense holds firm and the ball is cleared out.

Goa make a final change: Raju Gaekward is on for Colaco

77′ Colaco now has cramps and the medics are on to treat him. Gregory gets a long ball forward to find Reinaldo but the ball is cleared.

75‘ Goa on the ball and Williams shows good willingness to track back and get the ball away from Romeo, who was running away to glory on the right hand side.

73′ Narayan was caught out on the ball quite embarrassingly and Kerala start an attack. Shankar gets on the right and floats the ball into the box but Sanchez’s good effort with a diving header doesn’t the result he wanted.

72′ Rafi is cramping up now and Goa’s sustained pressure doesn’t have an end product.

71′ Jhingan is on the ball and Kerala flirt with danger and as they lose the ball in a dangerous area and Romeo gets the ball and darts his way into the byline on the right. His delivery is cleared and it is a corner.

69‘ Goa get some good passing rhythm in their ranks and are passing the ball from side to side. Mandar tries to find a way through the area but possession changes hands.

67′ Kerala on the ball as Goa are wasteful in possession again and this time, Kerala show how they can throw it away with a misdirected cross.

65′ Fantastic goalkeeping from Kuttimani!!! Williams and Perone come close. The former, in a crowded area takes a shot off his left foot and the goalkeeper is up for it. Perone’s shot is also blocked. Perone gets a chance from the corner that followed too but the ball is headed narrowly over the bar.

64′ The corner is taken from Kerala and there is some confusion between the defenders and Kuttimani, who tips the ball away.

Good debut for the midfielder: Jose on for Coimbra for Kerala Blasters

61′ For the first time, Reinaldo shows his presence and he drifts wide to make space and receive the ball. Clash of heads and medics are on to treat Kerala’s Coimbra.

58‘ Coimbra with the shot!! The ball goes just wide and Kattimani is livid that his midfield left so much time and space for the midfielder to go on a surging run. The shot, luckily for Goa is off target.

57′ Kerala on the ball and Jhingan clears his lines and runs down the left flank with the ball and the cross is very good, aimed at the far post and there is a timely clearance from Gregory.

54‘ Plenty of action there in the Kerala territory and Williams, Sanchez and co try to work the ball past the defenders but don’t succeed. Calvin Lobo needs some treatment after getting caught in a Narayan Das tackle.

52′ Narayan Das starts an attack but the ball doesn’t meet the target. Kerala have the ball and Gregory is on the ball and the ball is booted clear from the Frenchman, defending with assurance.

50′ Kerala yet again showing steel in midfield as Coimbra wins the ball and passes the ball straight to Sanchez, who is under way but the ball is cleared out with ease.

48′ No changes from both sides and the second half is under way. Kerala are on the ball after Moura loses it on the left flank. Rahul Bheke gets a chance to deliver a long ball into the box. The ball is cleared.

Half Time

45+1′ Goa 1-1 Kerala (Leo Moura) Goa needed that and it was a little bit of genius that helps them equalise. The corner was cleared by the Kerala defense and Leo Moura, at the edge of the area carves the ball to the far corner and he flummoxes everyone in the box and Bywater with the shot, which lands in the back of the net.

45′ Kerala can breathe easy for the moment as the foul is given in the box. Not sure why Kerala players are having a word with the referee. Williams is given a yellow card

44′ Pranoy almost gives the ball away in a dangerous area, trying a trick but a foul was given. On the counter, Daryl Duffy wins a free kick and Coimbra is the offender.

42′ Fantastic free kick from Lobo! who steps up and uses the David Beckham technique. The ball was heading to the right corner and Kattimani had to take evasive action to tip the ball over the post. Foul is given against Ramage in the resulting corner.

41′ Between the lines, Kerala have been solid. A Counter is under way and Rafi is through and tussles with Sobrosa, who takes the Indian forward down. Yellow Card for Sobrosa. Free kick at the edge of the box for Kerala.

39′ Colaco is pushing higher up and is lending width to the Goa attack. The ball switches from flank to flank and as the Goa right back was playing a one-two with the opposition forward, he miscontrols the return.

37′ The corner is cleared and Goa take the ball and run with it and a corner is given. Goa have the ball and the crowd are behind them and as it has been the case during many phases in the tournament so far, they are ponderous in the final third.

35′ Sanchez Watt is on the ball and Colaco and the Englishman tussle in what is a test of strength. Kerala win a free kick.

34‘ Real ebb and flow to this one now and the reason is because both sides are losing possession easily. Williams  tries to muscle his way past defenders on the left flank and is unsuccessful again.

32‘ The ball comes back to Goa’s feet but the attack is slightly directionless and the ball goes back to Bywater, who restarts play. The ball is grabbed from the other end and Goa are on the ball.

30′ Interesting couple of minutes into the game here. The ball was played to williams, who makes a powerful run, going past Sobrosa with ease but Colaco clears his lines. Reinaldo at the other end dashes off on the counter but the ball is smuggled. Good defending from Coimbra.

28′ The ball is drifted in by Moura again, who won a free kick for Goa. It is an inswinger and it is calmly dealt with by Kerala but the whistle had already gone for a foul.

26′ Goa spring back to life and it is Leo Moura who is on the ball and he has a pop after a minute of sustained pressure. The ball is cleared out.

24′ GOAL!!! Goa 0-1 Kerala (Mohammad Rafi) Kerala under way here and Goa look shell shocked here. Calvin Lobo has been getting into dangerous positions in wide areas. Here, the forward drifts wide and delivers a pin-point cross into the area and Rafi jumps over the defenders to slot the ball into the net. It was terrible defending from Gregory though.

23′ Midfield is tight and neither sides are willing to give anything away. Two throw ins and Kerala are on the ball.

21′ Bikramjit is on the ball and tries to deliver a cross in but Jhingan and co hold their lines and clear their lines and it is a goal kick. Terrible restart from Bywater, who apologises for his error.

19‘ Goa win the ball back and there is a nasty foul by Coimbra on Sabrosa, who is in a lot of pain. Play is sterile and the game is crying out for the opening goal. Leo Moura is on the ball for Goa.

17′ We apologise  for the technical delay. It has been rather scrappy at the at Fatorda Stadium and Kerala are making strides in the the Goa area and Vineeth is on the ball. The ball is cleared out but the visitors can start again.

Watch ISL 2015 live: FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters live streaming & TV information

ISL 2015 MATCH 18 FC Goa VS Kerala Blasters FC 22/10/2015

Competition : Indian super League 2015
Date : 22/10/2015 Thursday
Time : 7:00 PM IST
Stadium : Fatorda Stadium
Home team : FC Goa
Away team : Kerala Blasters FC

FC Goa take on Kerala Blasters in the match 18 of the Indian Super League at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda on Thursday, and the away side really have to get their momentum back in the ISL this season with a favourable result in the game.

Kerala Blasters have two defeats on the trot and they presently lie in the sixth position of the table with four points from the same number of matches.

FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters is scheduled for a 7pm IST (2.30pm BST, 9.30am ET) start, with live TV coverage in India on Star Sports 2, Star Sports HD2, Star Gold, Star Utsav (both Hindi), Jalsha Movies (Bengali), Jaya Max (Tamil) and Asianet Movies (Malayalam) and Suvarna TV (Kannada).

LIVE streaming will be available on Hotstar and Starsports.com.

Probable Lineups

FC Goa (4-1-3-2): Kattimani, Luciano, Gregory Arnolin, Narayan Das, Keenan Almeida, Bikramjit Singh, J. Lucca, Leo Moura, Mandar Desai, Daryl Duffy, Reinaldo

Kerala Blasters (4-1-3-2): Bywater, CK Vineeth, Williams, Rahul Bheke, Sandesh Jhingan, Ramage, Josu Currias, Carlos Marchena, Cavin Lobo, Mohammad Rafi, Chris Dagnall


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FC Goa vs Kerala Blasters Live – FC Goa beat Kerala Blasters 2-1

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