FC Goa vs Chennaiyin FC Live

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Double-penalty blow for Chennai as Goa lead 2-0,

Goa beat Chennai 2-0

90+5‘ Mendy nearly gives a calamitous goal away. With his back faced towards the attacker, he was not aware that Romeo was ghosting in on him and the ball luckily went only as past as Karanjit the keeper. The referee blows the whistle and Goa have their revenge for the hammering they received from Chennai at home. Peeeeeep, Peeeeeeeeep!

90+4‘ More tackles fly in and Lucio is now down, being taken out by a stinging challenge from Wadoo. No card given. Long ball forward from the away side, who are currently playing keep-ball.

90+2′ The free kick is taken by Lucca and the ball wasn’t far away from the right post. It just whizzed past, two inches away from the bar. Elano dashes into the territory and Luciano makes an important clearance. That was looking ominous for Goa for a moment.

90′ Leo Moura takes a free kick, just minutes after he was awarded the man of the match award. What happened here? Harmanjot Khabra is sent off!! Red Card. The Chennai defender makes a dangerous, two-footed challenge and takes out Moura, who is livid and a scuffle breaks out. Moura is peeved at the tackle and rightly so but his reaction was a little unnecessary.

87‘ The ball is placed in Elano territory but it is not the Brazilian’s day and the ball hits the wall. The ball is still in play and a cross comes in and Mendy hits it goalwards but it is too long for  Dhanachandra Singh to get to the end of it.

85′ Lucio is livid as Elano has a go at Kattimani, who pouches a high ball. At the other end, Nicolau trips Pellisari just outside the area and goes in the book.

83After a good debut, Rafael Coelho walks off for Goa while Romeo comes on has his replacement. Another substitution for Goa as Raju comes off. Nicolau comes on

81′ It looks like Raju has twisted his ankle and the defender limps off the field.

80′ Chennai’s shoulders have dropped a little. They make a run into the box though and Elano goes to the ground and asks for a free kick. The referee waves play on while Chennai’s bench is livid.

Thoi Singh off and Balwant Singh comes on for Chennai

77′ GOAL!!! Chennai 0-2 Goa (Jonatan Lucca) It is yet another well taken penalty from Goa. Karanjit went too far out on his right and onlymade Lucca’s job easier as he slots the ball to the right corner.

75′ Penalty again for Goa!! That is really harsh on Wadoo, who has been outstanding tonight. Coelho takes a shot and the ball hits his hand. It wasn’t intentional and he got a yellow card for it.

73′ Goa have the ball and Moura’s nimble foot helps him to get him to the edge of the box but he ran into a blind alley there. The ball is cleared out.

Fikru off, Pelissari on for Chennai

72′ Mendoza is clear on goal and he nearly latched on to a superb long ball from the deep and the ball runs through to the keeper. Had the Colombian controlled it,  he was through on goal.

70′ Moura is on the ball and he gets to the byline for a cross but is well watched out by Mendy on the right flank. At the other end, Lucio and Elano come together to get the ball and the Chennai skipper’s trailing boot thumps into his compatriot’s feet. Yellow card given.

68′ Goa are passing the ball with a little more authority and confidence and Bikramjit floats a cross in and it is cleared. Chennai take the ball to the other end, doesn’t reach the area and Goa have possession.

66′ Goa whip another dangerous ball in and Haokip makes a dash forward and he can’t get the final touch.

64′ GOAL!!! Chennai 0-1 Goa (Leo Moura) It was a calm penalty slotted in the right corner. You can’t stop those! Goa players converge near the corner flag for a group hug. Up and away then!

Goa get a penalty! Mendy pushes Coelho from the back and the Frenchman gets a yellow card. It was a terrific break as a long ball forward finds the striker through on goal and Mendy was left with little choice.

62′ Gregory is booked. A free kick was taken from the right wing by Moura and the ball was swung in to the far post. The goa players couldn’t get their heads on it.

60′ Elano gets the ball in midfield and Elano plays a rare misplaced pass and Goa have the ball. long ball kicked forward and Mendy takes Coelho down. Goa have a free kick.

58‘ Mendy is up on his feet and the referee restarts play with a drop ball and Chennai get the ball back to the keeper and restart play.

56′ Fikru runs in the area, trying to reach the end of a Gregory pass and Karanjit this time times his jump well to grab hold of it. Mendy is down again and the medics come on. It is the third time in the game that the former Hull City player has needed treatment.

54‘ After good passing at the edge of the area, the ball is played out by the goa defense. Fikru getting back and helping his midfield there but the ball is hovering around back and forth in the midfield area.

52‘ Chennai have a corner and Karanjit came off his line and was lucky that there was no Chennai player lurking at the back post to tap the ball into the net. Chennai still dominating the ball.

50‘ Raju Gaikwad and Mendy vie for the ball and both players took no prisoners while going for it and the Frenchman is down, holding his knees in pain.

48′ The ball swiftly moves to the other end and Mendoza runs down the flank and flicks a backheel on to the shin of Sabrosa and the ball goes out for a corner.

46‘ What a start to the second half. Leo Moura was on the ball and he was free to take a shot after Haokip played him through on goal. The shot was straight to the keeper.

That will be the last bit of action in the half and the referee blows the whistle for half-time.

45+2′ Wadoo makes a brilliant last-ditch clearance. The ball is sent soaring into the box to Haokip, who just needs to nudge then ball into the net but the Indian full back saves the day.

44‘ Elano falls in the box as a throw in is taken on the left. The referee waves play on. Things are getting little feisty in the middle and Fikru tackles his opponent on the chin and is yellow carded

42′ Chennai have the ball, just moments after Goa made a quality move forward through Coelho. It unfortunately didn’t have an end product to it.

39′ There is some confusion here as Rafael Coelho is sent off the field because the referee thinks he has blood on his shorts. He comes back on but there is a bit of bemusement all around from the players and the managers.

37‘ What a chance for Mendoza!!! The corner was taken and the ball sails over the herd and into Mendoza, who has time and space in the far post and his shot is inexplicably wide.

35′ Just as I say that, there is action at both ends of the pitch. First, Goa work their way around a crowded area. The ball is cleared and Mendoza runs with it and is passed to Elano on the right, who takes a little jink before winning a corner with a shot.

33′ Goa start a nice move, passing the ball incisively and the final ball is poor. The game has all the makings of a 0-0 draw.

30′ Chennai on the ball and they really need to get more penetration to their attacks here. Goa playing on the counter and Narayan Das and Wadoo are having a fabulous duel down the left. The ball is cleared.

28′ Gregory is livid that a foul was given against him as he was grappling for then ball with Mendoza. Elano takes the free kick, the ball bounces back off the wall and Raphael’s shot is sent into space.

26′ Chennai lose the ball on the right flank again. Goa plugging the gaps between the lines well so far and Wadoo clears the ball for Goa just as Bikramjit was making a run down the left.

24′ Zico and Elano get into a war of words down at the touchline. Goa get the ball and just as they begin to increase the tempo in attack, the ball is cleared away easily. Chennai have possession.

22‘ Raphael shows his class again with a superbly executed slide tackle as Goa begin to take off on a counter. Chennai have possession but the wingers run into blind alleys and the threat withers away.

20′ Elano takes a corner, cleared. The Brazilian gets another shot at glory. The ball is swung in and Thoi Singh’s header is over and away and it is a goal kick.

18′ Elano’s free kick hits the wall and Chennai crank up the pressure here and are not giving anything away. Off a throw in, Lucio makes a vital clearance.

16‘ Chennai get the ball on the counter and are having a good spell of possession. Mendoza starts a move and gets the return ball and dashes into the territory. He is fouled and Chennai have a free kick from 25 yards out. Sabrosa goes in the book

14′ Fikru gets into a tangle with Raju but it is Leo Moura, who almost had the telling impact in this game so far. The Brazilian curled a ball into the far post where Haokip was waiting, the ball was cleared!

12‘ Goa win a free kick at the edge of the area and Jonathan Lucca steps up and takes it. The ball takes a deflection off the wall and goes out of play. The resulting corner taken by Leo Moura is angled to the near post where Luciano Sabrosa heads well over the ball.

10′ dhanachandra Singh makes a lung-bursting run on the left flank and the final ball is missing as Kattimani pouches the ball. Chennai should have done better in a 3 vs 3 position.

8′ Raju Gaikwad flings a throw and the dangerous ball is cleared by the defenders and Goa have a corner. The dead ball is taken and it is aimed at Lucio to the far post. Cleared

6′ Elano makes a  a sweeping run from the centre circle and reaches the edge of the box but he could just not get the final ball through to his forwards. Dangerous move though.

4′ There is some  jostling around as Wadoo is fouled. Chennai move the ball forward but the attack breaks down.

2‘ Mendoza gets  a shot away and it is straight at Kattimani!! Fantastic start from Chennai, who raced away on the counter after Goa had  the ball for the first 40 seconds of the game.

Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa 30th Match Live

Match Details:

  • Event: Indian Super League 2015
  • Teams: Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa 30th Match
  • Date: 5th November 2015
  • Time: 19:00 IST
  • Venue: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Chennai
  • Home team: Chennaiyin FC
  • Away team: FC Goa


Chennaiyin FC: Karanjit Singh, Nidhin Lal, Apoula Edel Bete, Éder Monteiro Fernandes, Justin Stephen, Bernard Mendy, Abhishek Das, Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte, L. Dhanachandra Singh, Mehrajuddin Wadoo, Mailson Alves, Alessandro Potenza, Dhanpal Ganesh, Elano Blumer (marquee player), Godwin Franco, Thoi Singh, Harmanjot Khabra, Raphael Augusto, Bruno Augusto Pelissari de Lima, Zakeer Mundampara, Manuele Blasi, Fikru Teferra Lamessa, Jayesh Rane, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Balwant Singh, John Stiven Mendoza Valencia

FC Goa: Elinton Sanchotene Andrade, Luis Barreto, Laxmikant Kattimani, Lucimar Da Silva Ferreira [Lucio] [marquee], Gregory Arnolin, Luciano Sobrosa, Keenan Almeida, Nicolau Colaco, Raju Gaekwad, Debabrata Roy, Narayan Das, Joffre Mateu Gonzalez, Leonardo da Silva Moura [Leo Moura], Jonatan Lucca, Denson Devdas, Pronay Halder, Bikramjit Singh, Mandar Rao Dessai, Romeo Fernandes, Reinaldo Da Cruz Oliveira, Rafael Coelho, Darryl Duffy, Thongkoisep Haokip, Victorino Fernandes, Joaquim Abranches, CS Sabeeth.

Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa 30th Match Prediction

Here we’re supplying the 30th match of Indian super League 2015 winning percentage for both team of Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa 30th Match. While team Chennaiyin FC opportunities are 55 percentage and FC Goa are 45%. So these would be the forecast that will win this 30th Match of Chennaiyin FC vs FC Goa 30th Match Indian Super League 2015.

Chennaiyin FC so far: L-L-W-W-L-W-D

FC Goa so far: W-D-L-W-W-L-D

Head-to-Head: Following the win earlier in the season, Chennai now lead 2-1. Last season, both the teams ended up winning their away matches. Chennai won 2-1 before Goa returned the favour with a 3-1 scoreline.

Sena Ralte v Thonghoksiem Haokip

The Mizoramese stopper is one of head coach Marco Materazzi’s key figures in the team’s journey to the end. Ralte’s potency as a left-back will be important to how Chennai fare on Thursday.

Ralte is likely to be troubled by Haokip who was unfortunate to not score against Pune in the last match. Haokip is energetic and poses a big threat to the Super Machans.

Thoi Singh v Pronay Halder

He may have carved a niche for himself on the Chennai right flank but Thoi Singh does not restrict himself to winger duties. His constant coverage of the outfield was what led to his receiving the Amul Fittest Player of the Match Award in the South Indian derby at Kochi.

Amongst Thoi’s many duties, one would be to keep the central midfielders of the rival team under the pump. However, Pronay Halder, defensive midfielder for FC Goa and the Indian national team, will surely want to prove his mettle against Thoi before he leaves for the upcoming 2018 World Cup Qualifying match.

Jeje Lalpekhlua v Lucio

Jeje will also be away for national duty next week and he too will be looking to deliver a solid performance. This season’s first Indian goal-scorer will have to scissor past the likes of Gregory Arnolin and Lucio to rise further up the goalscorers’ table.

The Gaurs’ marquee signing this year, Lucio has diligently served coach Zico in central defence and beyond. He looked good in the last game and Goa fans will surely be looking forward to witnessing another inspiring performance from the legendary Brazilian.

Chennai will have the advantage of home support and star striker Stiven Mendoza, who scored a hat-trick the last time these two teams met, must be itching to become the undisputed owner of the Golden Boot armband. The Colombian, who has already scored six, needs just one goal to do that.

Zico’s men haven’t seen a win in their last two matches and with the league becoming tougher by the day, they may not mind leaving Chennai with an away point.


For our style of playing and our formation, we have to decide between Elano and Bruno but still I have great consideration for Bruno. He is a great professional: Chennaiyin FC head coach Marco Materazzi

We came here looking for three points because it doesn’t matter if we just beat Chennai and lose other matches. There is no point in that: FC Goa head coach Zico

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