Chennai set up Goa final despite defeat in Kolkata

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ISL 2015 Live Score Updates Atletico de Kolkata vs Chennaiyin FC, Indian Super League 2015 2nd leg Semi-Final

This is the last Indian Super League (ISL) 2015 match and Chennaiyin FC are in a commanding position, having beaten Atletico de Kolkata 3-0 in the first leg. Who will join FC Goa in the summit event?

90+5′ That is it. The referee does nothing to extend play and the clock runs down and Chennai are through to the final. It was a sad culmination of proceedings as there was little football in the five stoppage minutes apart from Fikru’s goal.

90+3‘ Plenty of drama and little football there. Habas is furious with the linesman and goes barking at them in their face and is banished off the pitch.

90+1′ GOAL!!! Kolkata 2-1 Chennai (Fikru) Oh! What a calamity there from Mohanraj, whose backpass finds Fikru and the striker runs past Amrinder, who had comes off his line and slots the home and displays his backflips that the Salt Lake is all so familiar with. Chennai are going through.

89′ Fantastic header there from Hume. Gavilan floated a free kick to the edge of the box and the Canadian made a looping header to the far post and Edel had to take evasive action to tip it over. Kolkata thought that was in.

88′ Fikru, another Kolkata player comes on for Mendoza.Nervy times this for Chennai as they give away a free kick.

87′ GOAL!!! Kolkata 2-0 Chennai (Iain Hume) What a strike! It will be an interesting few minutes after an excellent one-two with Lekic. The shot was powerfully taken on the volley and Edel had no chance even to get a hand on it.

85′ The defending champions get another shot and it goes straight to the safe hands of Edel. Midfield battle getting tighter as both teams lose the ball. Chennai retrieve and flood forward. Pellisari gets a shot from the edge of the box and it is a tame shot, straight to Amrinder.

83′ Tiri gets a yellow card for needlessly obstructing Mendoza’s run. Chennai win a free-kick but are wasteful. Kolkata win the ball back.

81′ We are into the last 10 minutes of the contest and Kolkata need a second goal soon. Chennai are playing keep-ball to run down the clock. Mendoza gets the ball on the right flank and curls one into the box…unlucky there. Jeje got into a good position but couldn’t control the ball in front of goal. Cleared.

79′ Kolkata keeping the pressure right in the Chennai half. They have possession and Chennai are playing with a low block at the moment….Another shot. Gavilan with an excellent try, cutting in from the right even though he had Zakeer watching it all the way and the ball goes over the bar. Just about though.

77′ Changes from both sides as Blasi comes off and Zakeer replaces him. Kolkata have Rafique on for  Rino Anto. Shot….Hume gets a clean one off his left foot and the ball goes straight to Edel.

75‘ Ohhh, nervy times that for the Chennai defense. Doutie whipped a cross from the right and Mendy got his right foot out and gave it back to his goalkeeper. It could have so easily been a another Mendy-Edel moment of comedy.

74′ Mendoza holds up play in the centre of the park and the Kolkata defense double up on him. Chennai make a change as Bruno Pellisari comes on for skipper Elano.

72′ Doutie takes the ball at the edge of the box, turns and makes space and gets a shot away. The ball rolls harmlessly wide of the left post.

70′ Elano storms his way down to the left flank and whips a cross into the centre but the ball is cleared out. The fight for the all important next goal continues.

68′ The shots keep coming in and Gavilan takes a shot off Mohanraj’s throw from 35 yards out and it goes right into Row Z. Mendoza goes down again with his hands on his face.

66‘ At the other end, Chennai start an attack and the reverse ball from Mendoza and Kolkata get men behind the ball. The attack fizzles out and the home side get a throw in at the other end.

64′ Close one again! Gavilan takes a free kick, it is blocked and Lekic tussles for a high ball with Mendy, it falls kindly to Izumi, whose shot from point-blank range is blocked.

63′ Kolkata threaten again and the ball is rolled in by Doutie on the right. Mendy intercepts it and boots it clear. Testing times this for both defenses, who are under the cosh.

61′ Kolkata had another attack going and Hume is caught offside. At the other end Mendoza latches on to a long ball and blasts a shot over. It was such a great chance and the striker should have showed more composure.

58′ Fantastic play from Dejan Lekic, who controls the ball and then gets the ball past three players before getting a shot away. It has to go down as one of the best pieces of individual brilliance from a player in the tournament. Alas, the shot fizzes wide.

55′ There is a bit of a scuffle on the sidelines and even Matterazzi is involved as Mohanraj shoves Mendoza in the face. The Chennai striker is down on the ground and the Kolkata defender gets a yellow. The Italian World Cup winner is furious as he thinks the offender should have got a red. Izumi calms his teammate down.

53′ Mendoza gets to the byline and he gets into a tangle with Augustin, who slides in and gets the ball away. The Chennai striker thinks Chennai won a corner there.

50′ The second half gets underway and Chennai get a shot away through Thoi Singh gets a shot away and the shot is sent into orbit. Rino Anto then gets a shot at the other end it is 0ff target.

Half Time An interesting second half is in store.

45+1′ Chennai have the ball near the Kolkata box  as the clock runs down till the the end of the half.

44‘ Kolkata have the ball. Hume is fouled as Thoi Singh slams his elbow on his temple. Nallapan Mohanraj finds himself in the box and shot fizzles wide.

42′ Ohhh! Fantastic effort by Doutie and Edel is once again the difference between Kolkata doubling the lead and the scoreline remaining the same. The Kolkata winger blazed past the Chennai backline and hit a shot, which was destined to go to the far corner. Edel’s reflexes saves the day for Chennai.

40′ Khabra and Rino Anto go sliding for the ball and it looks like the Kolkata defender has hurt his knee a bit with that effort.

37′ It feels like Kolkata have decided to cash in on Elano’s tough-tackling ways. Izumi bundled over Elano’s back and won a free-kick but the referee’s hands were in his pocket.

36′ The ball is still in the Kolkata territory and Kolkata take it away and Elano lunges in to stop the counter. The Chennai skipper goes into the book. 

34′ Very close from Elano. Chennai won another free-kick and the Chennai skipper stepped up. It was not a long way away and Amrinder even let the ball go. The ball hit the side-netting on the left.

33′ The cross is swung in by Elano and Amrinder comes out and parries the ball away. The shot comes in from Thoi Singh from outside the box and the ball balloons well over the bar.

31′ Mendoza is fighting for the team’s cause and tracking back. Here, he hounds Hume and makes a nuisance of himself and wins the ball away from his opponent. Chennai win a free kick on the right.

29′ The cross comes in from the left and the ball is easily caught by Edel. Hume was on the ball.

28′ Chennai get a useful run on the ball and maintain possession. Thoi Singh crosses in from the right and the ball is cleared.

25′ Chennai have the ball after what feels like an age. Thy need to settle down and slow the tempo down as another Kolkata goal will surely strike panic within Marco Matterazzi’s side.

23′ All kinds of strange things happening to Chennai here. Izumi takes a shot from distance, it takes a deflection off Khabra, who was diving in to block the shot and it rolled over to Lekic, who angles it goalwards and Edel parried the ball away, watching it all the way. With Hume ghosting in, it could have been a second.

21′ GOAL!!! Kolkata 1-0 Chennai (Dejan Lekic) This is the cheapest goal we have come across all season. Mendy and Edel can’t make their mind up about a back pass. The Frenchman nudges the ball back to the goalie and the Kolkata striker taps the ball in with ease.

18‘ The free kick came to nothing but once again, Hume got the ball and tried to sneak his way past the Chennai backline, who are maintaining a higher line than usual. His shot was blocked though.

16′ Doutie’s footwork, which was missing in the first leg is now troubling the Chennai backline and he wins a free-kick in a dangerous position. Khabra steals the ball away.

14′ Doutie tries tricking his opponent on the right flank but falls on the floor as he tries twisting his way past. Izumi then gets the ball as Kolkata take the ball away but the shot is wide.

12‘ Hume was through but Mendy dealt with it calmly and took the ball away from the striker, who cries foul.

9′ A shot come in and Amrinder makes a finger-tip save, tipping the ball away from the left post diving full length to his left. Mendoza did well to get the shot away, moving away from Arnab with ease before unleashing a shot with his left foot.

5′ Mendy and Doutie get into a bit of a scuffle near the touchline and the referee has to come out and separate the two players.

4′ Kolkata make a positive start to the game and Dejan Lekic has a shot and the ball goes wide. The match started with Chennai on the front-foot and Mendoza raced to the byline, cut it back for Blasi to have a shot on target. Edel had to stretch his muscles early as he had to come off his line and collect the ball at the edge of the box.

The Lineups are out and the match is all set to get underway:

Chennaiyin FC

Edel Apoula (GK), Mehrajuddin Wadoo, Mailson, Bernard Mendy, Dhana, Thoi Singh, Harmanjot Khabra, Manuele Blasi, Elano (C), Jeje, John Stiven Mendoza Valencia.

Atletico de Kolkata

Amrinder (GK), Arnab (C), Tiri, Augustin Fernandes, Rino Anto, Jaime Gavilan, Arata Izumi, Mohan, Sameehg Doutie, Dejan Lekic, Iain Hume.

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